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Are you a B2B tech business looking for support with articles, case studies, or white papers? You’ve come to the right place.

I use a blend of copywriting and ghostwriting to craft content that reflects your true personality, appeals to your customers, and generates great results. No one will ever know you didn’t write it!

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More than words - ghostwriting

Package A
article ghostwriter, article writer, freelance article writing,

x1 article
(up to 1,500 words)



● Briefing time
● Outline for approval
● Deep research
● 1 full blog draft
● x2 rounds of amends

Some articles are too important not to invest in. Outsource to an article ghostwriter like me and make it count.

“…the client feedback we received from the CEO was very positive. And the article was subsequently printed in one of the major trade publications. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

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Package K
blog ghost writer, blog content writing, freelance blog writer

x1 case study
(up to 2,000 words)



● Briefing time
● Interviews
● Outline for approval
● Deep research
● 1 full draft
● x2 rounds of amends

Want to turn your professional wins into a compelling narrative that converts new clients? I’m the case study writer for you.

The end result was really impressive, perfectly telling the story of how the work Managementors performed impacted our clients.

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Package H
case study writer, case study copywriting,

x1 white paper
(up to 5,000 words)



● Briefing time
● Idea generation
● Deep research
● Outline for approval
● 1 full draft
● x2 rounds of amends

Repurpose your event, webinar, or roundtable into a white paper to extend the life of your campaign.

“…we are consistently getting hundreds of downloads of all our reports and we are starting to use them in third party paid lead generation activities, which are delivering us good quality leads.”

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Seeing is believing. Browse my case studies to see my work in action!

How it works

Your people are your USP, and it’s my job to get their message across. I’ve worked with over 150 businesses throughout my B2B marketing career, so I know how to turn your ideas and opinions into persuasive messages.

You’ll also get ‘More than Words®’ when you work with me! I love to dish out extra information, ideas for content repurposing, added SEO goodness, and extra insights you might not have considered.

By the end of the process, you’ll have optimised, strategic content that sounds like it was written by your own people — quirks and all.

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My working process…

If you’re a detail-orientated person (like me!) I’ve also outlined my working process in full – including links to lots of lovely templates you can download and use yourself.

Before we start

🧁Content type: where does it fit within the marketing campaign? What’s its purpose?

🧁Topic: question – is anyone actually going to read it?

🧁Target audience: current pain vs. ideal world.

🧁Take-away: if they only remember 1 thing…

🧁Key messages: important points – and keywords.

🧁CTA: now what?




  • “[PAIN] + statistics”
  • “[IDEAL WORLD] + statistics”
  • “[KEYWORD] + statistics”
  • “[TECH/PRODUCT] + statistics”
  • “[TECH/PRODUCT] + analysts”

🧁Take note: copy and paste anything interesting into Notepad with the source URL.

🧁Cite credible sources: analyst commentary/research, vendor research (not competitors!), media outlets, statistically valid/significant research – if research is from a stats list, verify the original source and cite that.

🧁Keep it timely: nothing older than 3-years, unless it’s relevant to the story (for example, to compare or show trends).

🧁Extract key messages and supporting evidence: search the client’s website and any supporting documentation provided.

🧁Internal links: note any to include for further reading.



🧁Copy and paste research and briefing notes into the structure.

🧁Review the structure against the ‘take-away’ – cut anything that isn’t on-pointe.

🧁Draft working titles for subheads.

🧁Review structure for:

🧁Send for client review and feedback.


🧁Take a moment to get into the right tone of voice.

🧁Sit and write start to finish.

  • Keep it rough.
  • If you can’t think of a word, write ‘XXX’ or highlight something similar in ‘[]’

🧁Take a break.

🧁Read through and rough edit – mark up bits that require more thinking time.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Do the thinking! Then edit again.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Edit to insert keywords.

🧁Review headings and subheads.

🧁Read through and then (ideally!) leave overnight.

🧁Thorough review.

🧁Take a break.

🧁Read out loud for final review.

🧁Send for client review and feedback.

Allow for 2x rounds of amends.

See the results of my working process in action…