As a freelance B2B copywriter my experience spans 20(ish) years and 180+ companies – so I know how to find the details that matter, add substance to your ideas, and make it personal to you. Read this article to learn:

🧁What is a B2B copywriter?
🧁What is B2B in content writing?
🧁B2B writing examples
🧁How to write B2B copy

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What is a B2B copywriter?

A business-to-business copywriter (B2B copywriter) is a creative professional who is experienced in communicating your brand value, key messages and competitive differentiators, in a way that resonates within the audience, converts them within the sales funnel, and ultimately commands action.

As well as ‘selling’ your products/services, a B2B copywriter will always be raising awareness of your brand value. This is to encourage long-term loyalty with your audience and nurture relationships throughout the customer journey. When compared with B2C organisations, B2B sales cycles are longer and more complex. A B2B copywriter understands how to employ different types of content and copywriting techniques to match the customer’s stage within the sales cycle.

A B2B copywriter is skilled in adapting their tone of voice to reflect that of your organisation, or the subject matter experts/senior executives within it. Also, they are experienced at distilling complex products/services into simple ideas that everyone can understand.

Furthermore, within B2B copywriting you need to communicate with several different stakeholders – often within the same piece of content. A B2B copywriters understands how to do this effectively so the audience is not left confused.

What is B2B in content writing?

The key attribute that makes B2B stand out in content writing is thought leadership. Rather than go in with a hard sell, B2B copywriting can be more subtle – allowing you to demonstrate your brand values and key differentiators in action.

B2B audiences value thought leadership content because it enables them to:

🧁Stay on top of new trends
🧁Get information about products and vendors
🧁Compare products
🧁Help justify buying decisions
🧁Develop a short list of qualified vendors

B2B writing examples

B2B writing can take many forms, for example:

🧁Case studies
🧁White papers

How and when you use each type of B2B content depends on where a person is within the customer journey, and therefore what you seek to achieve. For example:

🧁Awareness for lead generation
🧁Interest to convert marketing qualified leads
🧁Desire to engage sales qualified leads
🧁Action to create brand advocates

Featured case studies…

How to write B2B copy

B2B copywriting isn’t something that can be explained in a few paragraphs of text – professional B2B copywriters take a lifetime to master their skills and writing techniques. However, the following is some practical guidance to help you get started if you’re looking to understand how to write B2B copy:

The core structure of all B2B copy

Headline: you need to hook the reader in and make them want to read more.

🧁Target people emotionally.
🧁Use ‘How to…’, numbers, or pose a question.
🧁Curiosity is the main reason people click/read more.

Context: explain the reason your audience should care.

🧁Deliver on the promise made in the title.
🧁Make it timely – why now?
🧁Encourage your reader to visualise: “Imagine…”

Problem/opportunity identification: state the problem/opportunity.

🧁Make the audience feel – if they don’t feel, nothing happens.
🧁Once stated, agitate the problem so the emotion feels stronger.
🧁Use research and statistics to back up your points.

Anticipated outcome: hint at what life could be like.

🧁Evoke high arousal emotions, such as excitement or anxiety.
🧁Ask a question.
🧁Finish with an ellipse to make them read on…

‘Solution’ overview: introduce them to the product/service you’re trying to ‘sell’.

🧁Use your value proposition: [product/service] help(s) [target audience] who want to [business objective] by overcoming [pain] to deliver [benefit].
🧁Always pitch benefits, not features.
🧁Use bullet point structure: “It…so you can…, which means…”

Evidence: prove the tangible benefits your ‘solution’ provides.

🧁Reference a client case study.
🧁Use third-party endorsements from analysts.
🧁Insert independent research to back up your claims.

Call-to-action (CTA): tell your reader what you want them to do as a result of reading your piece.

🧁Use really specific verbs: “Read…”, “Click…”, “Download…”
🧁Make links obvious by hyperlinking text or inserting a button.
🧁Try to stick to 1x clear, call-to-action to avoid confusing your reader.

B2B copywriting briefing questions


🧁What type of communication do you need (e.g. email, blog, sales literature, white paper…etc)?
🧁What is the goal of this communication? Why are we writing it? What does success look like?
🧁Who is the target audience for this communication?
🧁What causes them most pain (generally)?
🧁How can your product/service best address these issues?
🧁What is your value proposition?
🧁Is there anything we should avoid talking about?


🧁What is the theme/topic for this communication?
🧁How is the theme/topic impacting the industry as a whole?
🧁How is the theme/topic affecting your target audience? (e.g. regulatory/compliance, staff productivity, team morale, efficiency, business growth…etc.)
🧁What is the worst-case scenario? Has this actually happened to anyone you know of?
🧁In an ideal world, what situation would the target audience be in?

Solution overview

🧁What product/service are you offering?
🧁What are the key features?
🧁What are the benefits?
🧁What are the unique/social/emotional selling points?
🧁What evidence can we cite to back up how amazing you are (e.g. client testimonials, case studies, awards, analyst endorsements, your skills, knowledge and experience…etc.)?


🧁What do you want people to do as a result of reading this communication? What is the next step (e.g. visit the website, call you, book a demo, attend an event, connect with you on social media…etc)?

Freelance B2B copywriter

As a B2B copywriter I’ve written for 150+ tech companies and accumulated a wealth of experience in cloud, data & analytics and cybersecurity, – which means I know how to translate the complexities of what you do and why you do it, into messages that resonate with your audience(s).

Ask me about:

🧁Executive ghostwriting
🧁Case studies
🧁White papers

Why outsource to a freelance B2B copywriter?

Because this is what I do. Writing is all I’ve ever done and it’s the one thing I’m really good at. Outsource your content to me and I will:

🧁Extract the skills, knowledge, and experience of your subject matter experts and transform it into thought leadership content.
🧁Repurpose existing assets – like events, case studies, and blogs – to extend the life of your campaigns.
🧁Create content that converts your audience by compelling them to take action because they understand the value you deliver.

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