Have you ever looked at a competitor’s content and wished it was yours?

I’ve often heard words like ‘dry‘, ‘bland‘, (and dare I say it?!) ‘boring‘ associated with B2B tech content – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Everyday, I read headlines like

“Migrate your workloads to the cloud and experience efficiency savings”

“Cloud computing can help you save X% on maintenance costs”

“As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we specialise in cloud-based infrastructure”

And it’s all a bit, ‘So what?’. If you want your customers to convert, you need to make an emotional connection. And before you even think it, that doesn’t mean penning heart-felt letters or writing poetry. An emotional connection is simply getting them to feel something other than, “Meh.”

I can help you, just like I helped these cloud-based service providers…

These organisations (and 180+ others I’ve written for!) all wanted to remain professional, but avoid the traditional ‘corporate comms’ that are dry, bland, and boring. And achieving that personal, professional tone of voice isn’t hard:

🧁Focus on outcomes: rather than talk about benefits, take your copy one step further to focus on the value that cloud delivers – and what that means to your customers.

🧁Be positive: yes, every business has problems (if they didn’t, they wouldn’t need your help), but your content can’t be all doom and gloom. Instead, focus on the opportunities that lay ahead, and how cloud is the enabler.

🧁Use cases are your friend: engage your audience by helping to visualise how cloud will transform their business for the better – bonus points for repurposing case studies with real data!

Elevate your content

“Alice has an amazing talent for creating engaging and relevant content.”

“She often brings an entirely new take to the content which hadn’t been considered before from ‘inside’ the project.”

“…creative, diligent, super efficient…”

As a B2B copywriter I’ve written for 150+ tech companies – so I know how to translate the complexities of what you do and why you do it, into messages that resonate with your audience(s).

Ask me about:

🧁Executive ghostwriting
🧁Case studies
🧁White papers

Why outsource to a freelance B2B copywriter?

Because this is what I do. Writing is all I’ve ever done and it’s the one thing I’m really good at. Outsource your content to me and I will:

🧁Extract the skills, knowledge, and experience of your subject matter experts and transform it into thought leadership content.
🧁Repurpose existing assets – like events, case studies, and blogs – to extend the life of your campaigns.
🧁Create content that converts your audience by compelling them to take action because they understand the value you deliver.

Want to see some examples?

A lot of my work is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which means I’m not allowed to talk about it. However, I do have a few examples that I can share privately. If you’d like to see them, email: hello@alicehollis.co.uk