The world is crazy for cloud computing. And yet a lot of the content out there isn’t keeping up with the groundswell of excitement:

“Migrate your workloads to the cloud and experience efficiency savings”

“Cloud computing can help you save X% on maintenance costs”

“As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we specialise in cloud-based infrastructure”

It’s all a bit, well, ‘So what?’.

3 top tips when writing copy about cloud computing

Focus on outcomes: rather than talk about benefits, take your copy one step further to focus on the value that cloud delivers – and what that means to your customers.

Don’t talk about the pandemic: I think we’re all a bit tired of this subject. Instead, focus on the opportunities that lay ahead, and how cloud is the enabler.

Use cases are your friend: engage your audience by helping to visualise how cloud will transform their business for the better.

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Template: how to write a value proposition:

‘Our [PRODUCT/SERVICE] help(s) [CUSTOMER SEGMENT(S)] who want to [GOAL] by [VERB] [PAIN – friction that blocks them] and [VERB] [GAIN – how your company helps them].’

Research: 15 statistics about cloud computing from leading analysts and research houses to insert into your copy. Read now…

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