Tactical searching


For example, ‘Challenges faced with digital transformation’.

[keyword] + [analyst]

For example, ‘digital transformation + Gartner’.

[keyword] + statistics

For example, ‘digital transformation + statistics’ – if research needs to be country specific use ‘… + UK statistics’.

[keyword] + case studies or [keyword] + examples

For example, ‘digital transformation + case studies’ or ‘digital transformation + examples’

Credible sources to quote

🧁Analyst research

🧁Research bodies (like Statista)

🧁Government statistics/commissioned studies

🧁Professional bodies/associations

🧁Trusted media publications

🧁Known authority figures in your industry

🧁Industry sources if they’re statistically valid

Things to keep in mind…

🧁Always quote the most up-to-date version of a study – some reports are done annually and so the findings can change year-to-year.

🧁When you come across a listicle always check and verify the sources quoted because some of the research cited is old/inaccurate.

🧁If you can’t find the statistic to back up what you want to say, can you infer it based on the research you have?

For example, if 70% of digital transformation projects fail, that implies 30% are successful, and that could be due to X, Y, and Z.

image of content creation pdf for research

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