What is a SaaS B2B copywriter?

Simply put, it’s a professional B2B copywriter who specialises in technology and SaaS. As a specialist, they will understand the SaaS model of selling, but will require briefing on the specifics of your offering. They will also be able to share a portfolio of examples related to your industry and be familiar with the key trends and current ‘hot topics’. And they will be experienced in addressing your audiences’ pain points and know how to position your offering accordingly.

The value a SaaS copywriter can add to your content

Any professional B2B copywriter will be confident with messaging, tone of voice, structure, copywriting techniques – like storytelling and behavioural science – and specific content models. More importantly, they will know how to use these assets to craft content that will convert your audience.

A specialist SaaS copywriter possesses an additional skill – they can translate tech speak for non-tech users and C-suite audiences. It’s about getting to the root of what the ‘speeds and feeds’ mean in terms of usability and business impact – and communicating that in a meaningful way (i.e. no corporate jargon!).

How does a SaaS B2B copywriter compare to a B2B executive ghostwriter?

A SaaS B2B copywriter will be skilled at adopting your company’s tone of voice. A B2B executive ghostwriter can adopt an individual’s personal tone of voice while still reflecting your company’s overall messaging.

It’s particularly useful if you want to byline thought leadership articles to your senior leaders or subject matter experts, who are notoriously busy people. Following a 30-minute briefing, a B2B executive ghostwriter will write content on their behalf – the audience will never know they didn’t physically put pen to paper.

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How can a technology and SaaS copywriter impact my business?

The more concrete your language, the more credible you come across, and the more your audience feels compelled to listen to what you have to say. When it comes to SaaS in particular, the customer needs tangible outcomes because they don’t have a physical product – they need to feel confident that buying from you is a sound investment.

To demonstrate the value of a technology and SaaS copywriter, let me share a real example of some copy I worked on:

Example 1: generic B2B copywriter

saas b2b copywriter 1

Example 2: specialist technology and SaaS copywriter

saas b2b copywriter 2

Imagine you are a CFO. Which copy speaks to you?

Case study examples: B2B SaaS copywriting

Providing Process Bliss with tactical copy to boost its users Helping SureCloud to showcase its thought leadership and drive pipeline Using thought leadership content to ensure Exonar stands out

When is the best time to hire a SaaS copywriter?

Marketers have a broad role, but a B2B SaaS copywriter can support you with an equally broad remit of services. For example:

Messaging and brand

A skilled SaaS copywriter will be able to help you hone your messaging – either for specific campaigns or across your wider brand – to ensure your words really resonate with the audience and encourage them to click and convert.

Content strategy

Content should never exist in isolation, and your B2B SaaS copywriter will be able to help you plan your content strategy. From profiling your target audience to auditing existing content and planning customer journeys, they’ll know how to maximise the return on your investment.

SEO strategy

Sometimes you need some tactical copy to help you be found and compete online. A specialist SaaS copywriter knows how to balance the demands of the search algorithm with the desire of your audience for content that is interesting/useful.

Sales strategy

Leads and prospects require different types of content at different stages of the buying journey. A B2B SaaS copywriter knows how to adapt content for different stages in your sales funnel to optimise your conversion rate and get people from lead to client quicker.

10 occasions when a SaaS copywriter will add value

While the following list is not exhaustive, the following are 10 occasions when you might consider outsourcing your content creation to a specialist B2B technology copywriter (click the links to find out more):

🧁Lead generation

🧁You aspire to be a market leader

🧁Launching a new product/service

🧁Hosting/attending an event

🧁Targeting a new sector

🧁Your company is heading for exit

🧁Short on resources

🧁New financial year

🧁New to the role

🧁Or simply to maintain ‘business-as-usual’

What does it cost to hire a SaaS copywriter?

Our governing association is ProCopywriters and every year it publishes survey results on what the industry looks like. In 2023, the average day rate for a professional copywriter was £433 – however, if you’re looking to hire a SaaS copywriter, you could expect to pay a little more for their specialist expertise.

My B2B SaaS copywriter services

5 questions to ask your SaaS content writer before you hire them

Again, the following list is not exhaustive, it’s simply designed to help you choose the right SaaS content writer for your business.

🧁Work examples: this should give you a good idea of whether the person can deliver what you want in terms of style and tone.

🧁Working process: do you want to be heavily involved? Or do you to be completely hands off? And how does your preference sit with the writer?

🧁What’s included: are briefings, catch-up calls and revisions charged in addition? Are there limits to what’s included (for example, 2x round of amends)?

🧁Availability and turnaround: the best writers are in demand, so you need to ask when they’re free to start work – and how long they feel the project will take.

🧁Costs: do they charge per hour, per day, or per project? Do they require a deposit up front to book? And what are their payment terms?

Hire a SaaS copywriter now!

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