🧁 Transcribe the webinar/event, or write down the key findings from your research.

🧁 Group the information by common themes.

🧁 Find the single thread that stitches everything together.

🧁 Decide what your key takeaway is.

🧁 Decide on your call-to-action.

🧁 For each theme, look at each piece of information and determine whether it relates to the:

  • Context.
  • Problem/opportunity.
  • Big idea to help overcome the problem, or take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Practical tips and tricks.

🧁 Research:

  • What’s topical/keywords.
  • Research to back up your key points.

🧁 Imagine your basic structure is:

  • Section 1: executive summary.
  • Section 2: context.
  • Section 3, 4, 5: key themes (one per section).
  • Section 6: conclusion.
  • Section 7: call-to-action.

🧁 Start by writing about the context (section 2).

🧁 Next write your key themes (sections 3, 4, 5).

🧁 Repurpose your headings to write the executive summary (section 1).

🧁 Repurpose your practical tips, tricks and actions to write the conclusion (section 6).

🧁 Edit, edit and edit again.

White paper template

Download as a printable PDF