Change your mindset

The uncomfortable truth: your customer doesn’t care about you, they only care about themselves.

With storytelling technique, you always have 3 characters:

🧁 The hero: this is always (and I mean ALWAYS) your customer.

🧁 The villain: a representation of the pain your hero faces.

🧁 The guide: you – because you have whatever the hero needs to defeat the villain.

Apply storytelling technique and it affords you the opportunity to talk about yourself – only it’s pitched from the right angle because your customer remains front and centre.

Make them feel something

People buy based on emotions and rationalise their decisions using reason and facts.

Take a moment to think about how the frustration from your ‘villain’ is making your hero feel:

  • Scared about the consequences of non-compliance?
  • Overwhelmed about where to start?
  • Excited about new opportunities?

Apply storytelling technique by inserting trigger words (for example, ‘seen’, ‘heard’, ‘feel’) that hook into these emotions and help the audience visualise what you’re trying to tell them.

Talk to them (literally!)

Dialogue is a great way to introduce an impartial observer to your story – someone with no vested interest, but who you and your customer can both relate to.

Who is this impartial observer be?” I hear you ask.

…another customer of course!

Apply storytelling technique by lightly sprinkling a few sentences of actual dialogue throughout your copy and talk to your clients in their terms to show empathy and build trust.

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