Content marketing consultant

In addition to being a B2B copywriter and executive ghostwriter, I also work as a content marketing consultant, helping organisations to plan, execute, and troubleshoot their content marketing strategies in-house.

I’m a big fan of tangible outcomes because it means both you and I know exactly what will be delivered, by when, and at a pre-agreed cost. Consultancy in particular is a field notorious for creep (and that’s the last thing you or I want!).

The following are my content marketing consultancy services – or you’re more than welcome to just ‘say hello!’ and we’ll have a chat about which option(s) are best for you.

Content creation services

Where do I start?!

That all depends on why you need content. This series of articles document the different ways to approach content creation depending on the outcome you want to achieve.

AI in content creation

“How do I use ChatGPT to create great content?”

If you expect to give ChatGPT a prompt and use what it spits out, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But used in the right way, AI can enhance your copy and make it personal to you. Find out how…

Messaging and content marketing

Our content needs to tell a story – not just talk product.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking purely about products/services when you’re immersed in that world every day. But take a step back and consider how your offerings fit in the bigger picture.

Content strategy consultancy

We need to build a reliable pipeline of leads.

Never create content for content’s sake. When every piece of content serves a purpose, everything pulls in the same direction – your pipeline!

B2B content marketing consultant

How do we get sales and marketing working as one?

It starts with aligning your content requirements to the sales funnel – it then becomes really obvious where the gaps are, and what you need to convert leads along the pipeline.

Content marketing consultancy

Why isn’t it working?!

Sometimes you’ve planned everything by the book, but you don’t get the outcome you expect. It sucks. But with a few simple tweaks to get your content converting.

Copywriting technique

Our copy’s a bit ‘meh’.

What you need is 101 copywriting tips, tricks, and techniques – and you can find them in my beautiful coffee table book, Copy Cats.

Ah hoc content marketing consultancy

Can I just ask you a question?

Absolutely! Just email: