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Content marketing is all about delivering the right message, to the right person, through the right channel, at the right time.

Work with me, and I’ll deliver copy that’s about more than words – where the techniques and principles, like structure, storytelling and behavioural science, bring your words to life, and then inject all the little quirks that make your copy uniquely you.

Am I the right copywriter for you?

I’m the first person to admit that I am in no way technical. But I like to think that it works to your advantage because if I can understand what you do, then anyone can. I’ve carved my career in the IT and tech sector, helping SaaS, data, cloud and cyber companies to:

Generate a drip feed of leads

Read the Atech Support case study…

Stand out for the right reasons

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Tell their clients’ stories

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“A thorough, accurate and creatively driven copywriter who always delivers work before the deadline.”

Megan Charles, Swingate Design


“Alice often brings an entirely new take to the content which hadn’t been considered before from ‘inside’ the project.”

Simon Dickinson, The Chartered Institute for IT

At this point, most companies ask…

What does it cost and how does it work?

Can you send me some samples?

What’s your availability?

Why me?

IT sector specialism: with 15 years’ sector experience, I am familiar with a lot of the technical language and industry jargon, and understand the differences in talking to a CEO, CTO, DPO or end user.

Weekly content turnaround: you need to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, I hate for things to linger, so I turn projects around within the week, with amends returned within 3-days.

Dedicated to learning: if I’m not writing client copy, I’m reading about copy, learning about copy, studying other people’s copy and testing the lessons learned through the content I write for my own business.

And everything is underpinned by…

The Cupcake Promise: I promise that I will bring freshly baked cake every time we meet…and yes, requests are welcomed!

“She ‘gets’ our briefs, is fun to work with too – oh, and she makes amazing cakes!”

Anna Cotton, Exonar

Sounding good?

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