B2B tech copywriter. Executive ghostwriter. Messaging strategist.

Agencies hire me because…

🧁I previously spent 10-years as a B2B marketer: and learned A LOT of lessons about creating campaigns that convert leads.

🧁I’ve written for 180+ organisations: I can lead a client briefing, write in UK/US English, and know how to adhere to brand guidelines.

🧁I translate tech for non-tech and executive audiences: let’s turn the usual fluffy business jargon into concrete outcomes.

🧁I have experience writing high-impact content across all channels: including for SEO, assets for ABM, and email nurture flows.

🧁I’m a process-orientated person: with templates for everything, I have a repeatable way of generating consistent client content.


To talk to me about your content, please email hello@alicehollis.co.uk

Copywriting for tech companies in…

digital transformation b2b tech copywriter cloud computing b2b tech copywriter saas and software b2b tech copywriter

data and analytics b2b tech copywriter cybersecurity b2b tech copywriter ai b2b tech copywriter

B2B tech copywriting services

With 20(ish) years’ experience in B2B tech, I have accumulated A LOT of experience writing long-from content, short-form content, customer stories and whole content campaigns – so I’m pretty confident I can meet your brief! On my copywriting and content writing services page you’ll find details of my content and domain expertise, along with pricing and working process.

My clients include specialist B2B agencies, as well as directly with management consultancies and tech companies.

Messaging and content marketing

I also work as a messaging strategist, helping to plan, enhance, and elevate messaging for brands or campaigns, to engage your audience and optimise your conversion rates. Choose one of the following packages:

Package A:
Content Strategy
Package K:
Sales Cycle Mapping
Package H:
Messaging Strategy
Package A - articlesPackage K - case studiesPackage H - white papers

Looking for a B2B tech copywriter, executive ghostwriter or messaging strategist? Email: hello@alicehollis.co.uk

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