B2B tech content to convert your audience

Let’s move your prospects past the blockers that stop them becoming your clients. I spent 10 years focused on lead generation and pipeline conversion as a B2B marketer before becoming a professional B2B copywriter in 2015. Since then, I’ve written promotional content for 150+ IT and tech companies and learned A LOT of lessons about what does/doesn’t work.

To talk to me about your content, please email hello@alicehollis.co.uk

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Agencies, management consultancies, and tech companies choose me as their B2B tech copywriter because…

🧁I talk tech to non-tech executive audiences. My specialist subjects are digital transformation, cloud computing, data & analytics, SaaS and software, and cybersecurity.

🧁I ghostwrite blogs and articles on behalf of senior leaders and subject matter experts, so they’re not taken away from their business priorities.

🧁I create customer stories and case studies in a way that allows you can use them in all your content.

🧁I’m skilled at repurposing content – like re-spinning events into white papers – to extend the life of your campaign.

🧁I’m also the only executive ghostwriter who offers The Cupcake Promise!


The value you get from a professional B2B copywriter

Whether you’re too busy or simply can’t find the words to express your ideas, I promise to deliver more than words®.

Find the details that matter

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate clearly on a topic you’re close to.

It takes an outsider (with B2B marketing savvy!) to structure your expertise into a cohesive, compelling message.

Add substance to ideas

Are you bursting with ideas and opinions on your chosen topic? Great, I love that!

I’ll add weight to your copy by wrapping it in deep research and commentary.

Make it personal

It’s not always easy to write about yourself.

A good ghostwriter will mimic your voice, while infusing your copy with genuine personality. It’s a piece of cake!

B2B copywriting & ghostwriting services

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please email hello@alicehollis.co.uk. If I can’t help, I promise to put you in touch with someone who can.

Short-form content

Including blogs for SEO, thought leadership articles and tactical FAQs to support your sales team.

Package A - articles

Long-form content

Including gated content like white papers and reports, and repurposing events into long-form content.

Package K - case studies

Customer stories

Including long case studies, shorter customer success stories, and award submissions to recognise your work.

Package H - white papers

Working with a professional B2B copywriter

Outsource your content to me and I aim to keep things as simple as possible.

🧁Brief: this could be something you’ve written, a phone call, or a few bullet points in an email.
🧁Research: I perform this all myself and will scour your website for existing content to reference.
🧁Skeleton: I’ll send you the outline with an accompanying video to talk you through it, ready for you to review and approve.
🧁v1: typically I’ll draft this within 3-days of receiving your feedback.
🧁Amends: as standard I include 2x rounds of revisions.

If you’re a detail-orientated person like me, you can see my working process mapped out in full here:

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