There’s a beautiful model called the technology message matrix.

Technology Message Matrix

It considers whether the audience has a technical or business brain, and whether they know your company already or have never heard of you. For each of these areas, consider:

🧁What questions might they be asking themselves?

🧁What barriers exist that they need to overcome?

🧁What’s their personal ambition?

🧁What common ground exists between you?

Then take a look at these blog topic ideas:

Blog ideas to promote your ‘product’

🧁 Detailed FAQ section on website.

🧁 X reasons you need to be using [product]

🧁 X mistakes [audience] make when implementing [product]

🧁 Considering [product] for your business? 5 questions to think about.

🧁 X ways [product] overcomes [challenge]

Blog ideas to promote your ‘company’

🧁 X hacks for [success criteria]

🧁 Our market predictions for [year]

🧁 Have a [X] you can be proud of

🧁 A skill every [audience] should have and why

🧁 X tips from our specialists about [X]

Blog ideas for the ‘technical’ win

🧁 X questions you need to ask before even thinking about [technology]

🧁 X ways to implement [technology] right/wrong

🧁 X myths about [technology]

🧁 The alternative guide to [technology]

🧁 Why now is the perfect time to jump on [technology]

Blog ideas to highlight ‘market’ issues

🧁 X things you didn’t know about [market trend]

🧁 Why [market trend] doesn’t work and what to do about it

🧁 X mistakes [audience] make with [market trend]

🧁 X reasons your adoption of [market trend] will fail

🧁 X top blog posts about [market trend]

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