Organising idea

(single idea you’re recognised for)


(think movie summary: character-problem-plan-success)

Value proposition

(up to 2 paragraphs that sum up what you’re offering and why people should buy from you)

The Golden Circle…

What (the products/services you offer to your customers)

How (the things that differentiate you from the competition)

Why (the reason you are passionate and why you exist)

Target audience

(include all the demographic detail, but also think about the ‘pains’ they face that might drive them to come to you)

Who does your customer want to be?

(aspirational identity)


(3 things that underpin everything you do)

What will you be remembered for?

(What’s going to make you stand out from the crowd? Think ‘Friends’ episodes, you’re “The one with…”)

Tone of voice

How working with you makes people feel (if they don’t feel, they’re never going to buy)

Through the content, I: (for example: educate, challenge, show your personality…)

Words I like…

Words I don’t like…

House style (for example, UK English, how to write numbers, writing in 1st/2nd/3rd person…)

Image of messaging framework PDF

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