PersonalityGreat for...Purpose of the contentWhat the content includes
AuthorityCompanies that want to demonstrate leadership in their industry.To show their credentials in action with the value they provide to their customers and community.An honest view, evidence through research, customer success stories, roundtable events, their commentary on trends.
BookwormSubject matter experts who want to demonstrate they’ve ‘been there, done that’.To share the reality of facing a challenge or taking advantage of an opportunity through the power of storytelling.Details on what was done, and lessons learned.
ClownCompanies that want to show a more playful side.To entertain and stand out from everything else in their market.Quirky or different ideas, interesting language, a childlike quality.
DetectiveBrands who want to challenge the status quo in a less confrontational way.To question whether there’s a different/better way to achieve a certain outcome.Research, analyst commentary, conclusions and recommendations.
EducatorThose who want to demonstrate they have breadth and depth of knowledge on a specific subject, as well as the periphery areas.To simplify complex ideas through easily consumable content.References to further reading/courses/people to follow.
FriendCompanies that want to demonstrate the personal touch.To show how they support individuals and teams through the process – not just what they did.Examples, customer testimonials, data (like NPS scores, or customer satisfaction data).
GuruCompanies that want to position themselves as ‘ahead of the curve’.To inspire the audience and get them to imagine a different future or outcome.Ideas (ideally grounded in some sort of research!) and encourages people to think.
HellraiserBrands that want to visibly exclude everyone but their target audience.To be confrontational and perhaps antagonise the market so that only those with similar views are drawn in.Strong opinions (backed up with facts/figures), challenging statements, written with purpose.

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