<H1> Front load your keywords within a compelling proposition.

Introductory paragraph

(2-3 sentences)

🧁Sentence 1: context

🧁Sentence 2: problem

🧁Sentence 3: outcome – where the audience will be once they download this asset

In this [asset] you will learn:

(3-5 bullets)

🧁Understand [topic/trend set out in the context] and how to leverage it for your business.

🧁A step-by-step process to address [problem].

🧁X ways to address [problem].

🧁Best practice for [outcome sought].

🧁Why [trend] drives [problem/outcome] and what to do about it today.

Note: always frame this within the context of the value the asset delivers.


🧁If gated: only request the fields you really need on your form – removing a single field can boost the form completion rate by 25%.

🧁If freely available: make your button really obvious!

Things to think about…

🧁Headers and graphics: use them to make your asset irresistible.

🧁Internal linking: (good for SEO!) and reassures the audience that you’re an authority on the subject, so this asset is really valuable – and worth giving their data for.

🧁Wordcount: think email marketing – 150 words is about right.

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