It has to be said, cybersecurity is one of the ‘sexier’ topics within IT. With cyber, you have the opportunity to delve into the underworld of bad actors, breaches, the dark web…

And there in lies the issue – scaremongering.

🧁Yes, organisations are always 1-step away from a breach.
🧁Yes, cyber threats are increasing in volume and sophistication.
🧁Yes, cloud is making it more challenging to secure IT infrastructures since digital borders are stretched.

But that doesn’t mean you need to present your proposition in such a heavy-handed way as to instil the fear of God into your customers.

Frame your words in the wrong way and you’ll either scare people away or force them to stick their head in the sand. But frame it in the right way, and you position yourself as a protector and source of comfort.

I can help position your proposition the right way…

…just like I helped SureCloud to showcase its thought leadership and drive pipeline.

“Using Alice to ghost write the risk management series was incredibly effective. She spent an hour talking to our Service Director, asking the right questions to extract the relevant information, which enabled her to write the entire series. The end result accurately reflected his tone of voice, supported the wider marketing campaign, and came across as highly credible.”

Read the case study…

Think about it, which company would you rather talk to?

Company A: “The hackers are lurking, watching your every move, waiting for any opportunity to pounce and take what they desire.”


Company B: “Once you’ve secured your IT infrastructure, protecting it against common threats by locking down data at source, you’re free to get on with the more important task of how to use data to excite and delight your customers.”

With Company A you’re presenting cyber as a risk and appealing to a very distinct audience. But with Company B, you broaden the conversation, positioning cyber as a protector and facilitator within the business.

Don’t risk your content conversion

“Always seems to get it right first time, responds quickly and is honest and fun. What more could you want?”

“Perfectly telling the story of how the work we perform impacts our clients.”

“Personable, professional and above all really easy to work with.”

As a B2B copywriter I’ve written for 150+ tech companies – so I know how to translate the complexities of what you do and why you do it, into messages that resonate with your audience(s).

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Why outsource to a freelance B2B copywriter?

Because this is what I do. Writing is all I’ve ever done and it’s the one thing I’m really good at. Outsource your content to me and I will:

🧁Extract the skills, knowledge, and experience of your subject matter experts and transform it into thought leadership content.
🧁Repurpose existing assets – like events, case studies, and blogs – to extend the life of your campaigns.
🧁Create content that converts your audience by compelling them to take action because they understand the value you deliver.

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