🧁 What is the problem you want to help overcome? OR What is the opportunity you want to help overcome.

🧁 Why? What do you want someone to do as a result of reading your guide? (informs the CTA).

🧁 How painful is the pain? OR How big is the opportunity? (use research to inform).

🧁 Why now?

🧁 What is the cost of doing nothing?

🧁 What is the first simple step to tacking the problem/opportunity?

🧁 What are the next X logical steps that get you to the first milestone? And what is that milestone?

🧁 What is the benefit/impact of hitting that milestone?

🧁 How do you help? What are your products/services? What are your credentials?

🧁 Why you? What’s your value proposition? What differentiates you?

🧁 Can you prove it? (think case studies, testimonials, stats, white papers, analyst endorsements…)

🧁 What are the ‘no go’ areas? What do we avoid talking about? And why?

Template for writing a thought leadership guide or report

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