🧁 What type of communication do you need (e.g. email, blog, sales literature, white paper…etc)?

🧁 What is the goal of this communication? Why are we writing it? What does success look like?

🧁 Who is the target audience for this communication?

🧁 What causes them most pain (generally)?

🧁 How can your product/service best address these issues?

🧁 What is your value proposition?

🧁 Is there anything we should avoid talking about?


🧁 What is the theme/topic for this communication?

🧁 How is the theme/topic impacting the industry as a whole?

🧁 How is the theme/topic affecting your target audience? (e.g. regulatory/compliance, staff productivity, team morale, efficiency, business growth…etc.)

🧁 What is the worst-case scenario? Has this actually happened to anyone you know of?

🧁 In an ideal world, what situation would the target audience be in?

‘Solution’ overview

🧁 What product/service are you offering?

🧁 What are the key features?

🧁 What are the benefits?

🧁 What are the unique/social/emotional selling points?

🧁 What evidence can we cite to back up how amazing you are (e.g. client testimonials, case studies, awards, analyst endorsements, your skills, knowledge and experience…etc.)?


🧁 What do you want people to do as a result of reading this communication? What is the next step (e.g. visit the website, call you, book a demo, attend an event, connect with you on social media…etc)?

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