Front cover

H1: summarise the asset

H2: core takeaway message

Section 1

Executive summary


Section 2



Section 3

Anticipated outcome – your promise of the ‘ideal’ world

Section 4

Solution overview.

🧁Think elevator pitch: who, what, when, where, why, how

Sections 5 – 7(ish)

Focus each subsequent section on a specific element of the main topic.
For example, if the main theme is ‘data analytics’, subsequent sections could focus on ‘data silos and the inherent risks with unstructured data’, ‘integration and the need to connect the dots between disparate systems’, and ‘how to balance the need to manage data as both a risk and an asset’.

Within each section frame it with:
🧁The business impact.
🧁How the audience may have tried to address the problem in the past – and why it’s not worked.
🧁What you are proposing, and why it works with evidence.

Section 8

🧁Summarise outcomes, state next steps, include links to useful information.

Section 9


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