🧁 Does it answer the brief?

🧁 Have you written appropriate to the audience?

🧁 Is it on topic? What is the key takeaway you want the reader to have?

🧁 Is there one clear point per paragraph?

🧁 Do your links work?

🧁 Have you used a consistent tone (1st vs. 3rd person, corporate vs. personal, friendly vs. formal…)?

🧁 Have you used a consistent tense?

🧁 Are claims backed up with references?

🧁 Have you overused punctuation (em dash, exclamation marks, ellipsis…)?

🧁 Have you checked products/companies/brands are spelt correctly?

🧁 Have you adhered to what the brand guidelines say about writing style?

🧁 Have you adhered to client preferences (not starting sentences with ‘and’ or ‘but’)?

🧁 Have you checked for SEO?

🧁 Have you removed uncertainty (possibly, probably, might…)?

🧁 Did you delete nothing words (‘that’) and change horrible words (‘solutions’)?

🧁 Are you within the wordcount?

🧁 If you only read the headings, does you still get the key message?

🧁 Have you read it aloud to check it sounds right?

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