9 ways to make the most of your subject matter experts

🧁Use LinkedIn articles to tap into their network.
🧁Pitch for speaking opportunities.
🧁Author a white paper (ghost written, of course!).
🧁Present a webinar, or if they aren’t confident about presenting, invite questions from your audience you can answer on your blog.
🧁Repurpose their proposals – there’s lots of lovely nuggets of wisdom in there!
🧁Book 1 briefing, but use the time to extract sufficient insights to write several pieces of content.
🧁Film a series of 2-min face-to-face videos sharing their skills, knowledge and experience.
🧁Byline editorial to them – but again, interview them once for their opinion and then pitch and repurpose for features.
🧁Share the method behind the madness – not WHAT they do, but HOW they do it.

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