🧁Google your keywords to see what content you’re competing against.

🧁Create unique URLs for every page.

🧁Use lowercase characters in your URLs.

🧁Limit your tag title length (URL) to 60 characters.

🧁Never just change a link – be sure to redirect it properly so you don’t create a 404 error.

🧁Keep meta descriptions to about 110 characters.

🧁Use up to 6x target keywords per page to keep your content focused.

🧁Tweak keywords to improve your visibility, for example “B2B copywriter UK” over “B2B copywriter”.

🧁Use H1 title per page, with subsequent H2 and H3 titles.

🧁Frontload keywords in your headings.

🧁Make your content easy to read with short sections (under 300 words) and bullet points.

🧁Don’t keyword stuff – write for humans first, optimise for search engines second.

🧁Internally link your pages to show Google you’re an authority on a subject.

🧁Add alt text to all images to help the bots understand what they’re looking at.

🧁Add descriptive anchor text to links, for example “Click to download XYZ“.

image for content creation pdf - seo checklist

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