You need to hook the reader in and make them want to read more.
🧁 Target people emotionally.
🧁 Use ‘How to…’, numbers, or pose a question.
🧁 Curiosity is the main reason people click/read more.


Explain the reason your audience should care.
🧁 Deliver on the promise made in the title.
🧁 Make it timely – why now?
🧁 Encourage your reader to visualise: “Imagine…”

Problem/opportunity identification

State the problem/opportunity.
🧁 Make the audience feel – if they don’t feel, nothing happens.
🧁 Once stated, agitate the problem so the emotion feels stronger.
🧁 Use research and statistics to back up your points.

Anticipated outcome

Hint at what life could be like.
🧁 Evoke high arousal emotions, such as excitement or anxiety.
🧁 Ask a question.
🧁 Finish with an ellipse to make them read on…

‘Solution’ overview

Introduce them to the product/service you’re trying to ‘sell’.
🧁 Use your value proposition: [product/service] help(s) [target audience] who want to [business objective] by overcoming [pain] to deliver [benefit].
🧁 Always pitch benefits, not features.
🧁 Use bullet point structure: “It…so you can…, which means…


Prove the tangible benefits your ‘solution’ provides.
🧁 Reference a client case study.
🧁 Use third-party endorsements from analysts.
🧁 Insert independent research to back up your claims.


Tell your reader what you want them to do as a result of reading your piece.
🧁 Use really specific verbs: “Read…”, “Click…”, “Download…
🧁 Make links obvious by hyperlinking text or inserting a button.
🧁 Try to stick to 1x clear, call-to-action to avoid confusing your reader.

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