🧁 Every piece of content you create should include a CTA – otherwise what’s the point in creating it?

🧁 Never be arrogant enough to think someone will read to the end of your copy. Get that CTA in as early as possible and reinforce it again at the end.

🧁 Hard CTAs, like ‘Book a demo’, can be scary and feel like a major commitment if your audience isn’t at the right point in the customer journey.

🧁 Think about whether you need to provide reassurance. For example, if you encourage online purchases you could include ‘You can confirm your order on the next page’ with the CTA.

🧁 Think about including a guarantee to overcome loss aversion. For example, offering a 6-month return policy signals that it must be a quality product/service.

🧁 At the start of a nurture flow, soft CTAs, like ‘Watch a demo video’, feels like a much safer, easier action to perform.

🧁 Soft CTAs are a great way to nudge your audience, at each step building trust and getting them familiar with taking actions with you.

🧁 Be specific so your audience knows what to expect when they take an action. For example, ‘Watch the video‘ rather than ‘Learn more’.

🧁 Make it obvious – hyperlink text, include a button, use a different colour, use a larger font size, make it bold…

🧁 Think about how you use CTAs across different platforms. For example, ask a social media follower to subscribe to your newsletter. Or direct a prospect from a key account to a personalised landing page.

🧁 Keep CTAs relevant. Think: What other information might they find useful? Who else can they talk to? Where can they learn more about something?

🧁 Don’t forget all the small spaces: email signatures, social bios, merchandise, engineer’s polo shirts – anywhere your brand is present is an opportunity to drive people towards a CTA.

🧁 Try to limit CTAs to one per piece of content to avoid confusing your audience. BUT…

🧁 Include several CTAs on your website homepage since you don’t know who these people are (yet!) and what they might be searching for.

🧁 Test your CTAs. As with most things in marketing, the secret to success is testing what works best for your business. Vary the CTAs you use and measure the results.

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