If you’ve done a great your job, your customers want to give you a great testimonial, but unless they work with words, they often struggle to express how they feel, so you end up with a dull “We would highly recommend Company ABC.”

The secret to the perfect testimonial: write it yourself!

Your customers will genuinely thank you for writing some ‘suggested wording’ they can simply review (if necessary, tweak) and approve.

When writing your testimonial, be sure to:

Include facts and stats to substantiate the value you delivered.

For example: “In the first quarter of publishing weekly blogs to our website, we averaged +175% more views per month – against the average in the previous quarter.”

Align it to your core messaging.

For example: to support a company value of ‘quirky’ – “She’s incredibly responsive and just ‘gets’ our briefs. Plus, she’s fun to work with too – oh, and she makes amazing cakes!”

Consider how to edit long quotes into short sharp soundbites.

For example: from “One of Alice’s standout qualities is her unwavering commitment to quality. Each piece of content she delivers is meticulously researched, concise, and impactful. What’s more, she makes sure the process of producing content is smooth and aligns with our overall marketing strategy.” To “Content that is meticulously researched, concise, and impactful.”

Don’t over-exaggerate.

For example: rather than “The best copywriter in the world”, a quote like, “A very capable and skilled copywriter that offers us additional capacity, at the high level we need.”

Use words your customer favours to reflect their tone of voice.

For example: I love words like ‘amazing’, ‘fabulous’ and ‘perfect’, but my clients may use very different words. Pick up on cues when you talk to your customers and weave their words into your testimonial.

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