When you repurpose your content, everything is formed from the same central asset, which means the messaging, positioning, and purpose is consistent – and it’s this consistency that will help you to grow a strong brand in your marketplace.

Working example:

Take a piece of content you might not even consider to be promotional – like a client proposal…

🧁Extract the product messaging and turn it into a 1-pager.

🧁Pull out the key themes and challenges and write them up into a series of blog posts.

🧁With the client’s permission, you can turn it into a case study.

Now you have a whole new set of content assets…

🧁Write a sales letter and send it with your 1-pager as a direct mail to your prospects.

🧁Create a series of attention-grabbing emails that drive people to your blogs.

🧁Turn that case study into an award submission.

🧁Plug your case study into your PR machine to pitch it as editorial.

And then re-spin these content assets…

🧁Pull out the case study testimonials to use on your website, sales decks, or company brochure.

🧁Create a series of social updates to drive traffic to all your new assets.

image of repurposing content

image of content creation pdf - repurposing content

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