Does your company deal with data?

With data hailed as ‘the new oil’, the grey cloud of GDPR firmly in place and organisations wanting to extract all the value they can, big data is understandably big business.

So how do you take advantage to position yourself as a thought leader and build a healthy pipeline of opportunities in the process?

Thought leadership content, like white papers, guides and reports are great for showcasing your skills, knowledge and expertise – but only if your audience knows it exists.

Similarly, case studies are perfect as a third-party endorsement of the value you offer – but only if there’s drive and substance behind it.

Use a campaign to get momentum behind your content

Content in isolation will never deliver as much value as content that sits as part of a wider campaign. And crafting that campaign is much simpler than you think. Establishing a content framework, you can build out a strategy that ensures you’re delivering the right message, to the right people, through the right channel(s), at the right time.

How to carefully craft a content campaign

It all starts with a theme. Think – what’s the key message you want to promote? Or what’s the product/service you want to push? Or what’s the biggest problem you help to solve?

Then consider the cornerstone of your campaign – one central, high-value piece, like a white paper, report or guide, which delivers practical advice on how to overcome a challenge or take advantage of a new opportunity.

Then work backwards…

How will they know this content exists?

  • They could search for something online – so repurpose it into an SEO rich series of blogs.
  • They might be connected with a member of your team on LinkedIn – so repurpose it as an article that’s by-lined to one of your subject matter experts.
  • They might choose to read their content on Twitter – so repurpose it into a series of Tweets that include a link to the piece.
  • They might live in their inbox – so repurpose it as part of an email newsletter (with appropriate consent, of course!).
  • They might prefer personal interaction – so repurpose it as a roundtable discussion topic or present it as a webinar.

Hopefully you get the idea – write one central piece and repurpose it into other formats for different channels so you catch the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

A white paper is never ‘just’ a white paper. A case study is never ‘just’ a case study. A blog is never ‘just’ a blog…

Look beyond the format to see the words and messages within. Once you know the essence of what you have to say, it’s just a case of re-spinning it in a slightly different way to engage your audience in the right way.

Thought leadership content creates reliable pipeline

Through thought leadership content, you create a framework that produces a steady drip feed of leads into your pipeline, which frees you to concentrate on the really fun stuff.

With the framework in place, all you need to do is decide what your focus will be, for example:

  • Are you looking to push a specific product/service?
  • Are you trying to target a new sector?
  • Are you wanting to ‘piggyback’ off a current market trend?

Then think about who else you can involve, for example:

  • What subject matter experts do you need to talk to in your business?
  • Will your clients agree to help with case studies, webinars, events or PR opportunities?
  • Could you ask an analyst for independent commentary?

And when you need to grow, simply ramp up the activity, for example:

  • Executing 2 frameworks simultaneously to push 2 products/services or target 2 sectors.
  • Adding lead dumping activities, like attending a conference.
  • Trying something new to better qualify leads, like gating content.

Get started with content marketing…

If you’ve not given much consideration to your content marketing before, why not download my little book? It’s full of ideas, tips and frameworks to get you started with planning your strategy.

Alternatively, why not get in touch and let’s talk about what your thought leadership content could do for your business:

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