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🧁Article writing format
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What is freelance article writing?

Freelance article writing is when you outsource to a professional copywriter. The final article will have all your ideas and opinions – wrapped in independent research and commentary – but doesn’t require you, or the subject matter experts in your business to write a word.

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate clearly on a topic you’re close to. And then there’s the question of finding time to draft your article – surely your time is better spent working where you deliver the most value?

A smart decision is to outsource your work to a freelance article writer who will:

🧁Talk to the right people in your business to gain the insights needed to draft an article your audience will find interesting/useful.
🧁Structure those insights and your company’s expertise into a story that has a cohesive and compelling message.
🧁Add weight to your copy by wrapping it in deep research and commentary, so any ideas or opinions are presented as credible.
🧁Infuse your copy with your brand identity and ensure it aligns to the overall purpose of your marketing campaigns.
🧁Sprinkle on a little SEO goodness so that by the end of the process, you’ll have optimised, strategic content that sounds like it was written by your own people.

Freelance article writing samples

How do you write an article for freelance writing?

The following is the process I use to draft an article:

🧁Step 1: get the topic (or at least a rough idea of what the individual wants to talk about) and perform a 30(ish) min interview.

🧁Step 2: structure my notes to find the key discussion threads and figure out what the overall theme for the article could be.

🧁Step 3: perform extensive research to back up any ideas/opinions/claims. Additionally, research keywords if this hasn’t been supplied by the client.

🧁Step 4: create a skeleton for the article to highlight the key messages and then record an accompanying video to talk the client through the narrative.

🧁Step 5: once the skeleton is approved, write up version 1, with references/links to the supporting research/analyst commentary, and send for review.

🧁Step 6: incorporate any feedback/amends.

Article writing format

🧁Headline: you need to hook the reader in and make them want to read more.

🧁Context: explain the reason your audience should care.

🧁Problem/opportunity identification: state the problem/opportunity.

🧁Anticipated outcome: hint at what life could be like.

🧁‘Solution’ overview: introduce them to the product/service you’re trying to ‘sell’.

🧁Evidence: prove the tangible benefits your ‘solution’ provides.

🧁Call-to-action: tell your reader what you want them to do as a result of reading your piece.

Freelance article writing tips

🧁Ask yourself: ‘Why would someone read this article?’.

🧁Set a key theme: ‘Business agility’ vs. (a confusing article that goes off on multiple tangents)

🧁Write an ultra-short first sentence: ‘Imagine this.’ vs. ‘I want you to imagine a time when…’

🧁Use subheadings to communicate clear benefits, command action or ask a question: ‘Gin can help you live longer’ vs. ‘Juniper berries’

🧁Add credibility by being specific: ‘6 step process’ vs. ‘some steps’

🧁Back up claims with research: ‘According to Statista, about three quarters of the world’s cocoa beans are produced in Africa.’ vs. ‘Africa produces the most cocoa beans.’

🧁Use numbers to draw the eye: ‘7 cakes’ vs. ‘seven cakes’

🧁Insert dialogue to draw the reader in:Where can I buy glittery shoes?” vs. ‘Despite kids’ shoes being frosted with glitter, many adults struggle to find the same fun styles in their size.’

🧁Always be sharing something of value: your audience is thinking about problems, questions, roadblocks, results.

🧁Don’t forget a call-to-action:Click to view my ghostwriting services’ vs. (an article that just stops)

Fancy some more copywriting tips?

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