“In the first quarter of publishing weekly blogs to our website, we averaged +175% more views per month – against the average in the previous quarter. And in Q3 the impact has been astonishing – so far we are tracking 383% up on the first quarter for blog views!”

Marketing manager, Atech Support

So how did we do it?

Publish weekly

Build momentum by using blogs to support all stages of your sales cycle, as well as driving traffic to larger assets to boost your online visibility with interesting/useful/relevant content.

Plan quarterly – review and tweak monthly

🧁 Start with your key theme or product/service you want to push.

🧁 Brainstorm all the things you could cover.

🧁 Shortlist 12 ideas that your audience would find most valuable and wrap them up in a working title.

🧁 Schedule them to make them a priority.

🧁 Engage the necessary resource to get them drafted.

Tie blogging into wider marketing efforts

Blogging in isolation might boost your visitor rate, but when integrated into your wider marketing efforts it will convert those visitors into leads. Think about using blogs to:

🧁 Experiment with PPC.

🧁 Increase your visibility on social media.

🧁 Drive conversions as an email CTA.

🧁 Support the sales efforts with FAQ blogs.

🧁 Drive to larger assets.

Have a play to discover what works best for your business

🧁 Problem solving: “How to…”

🧁 Commentary: “What does [problem/opportunity] mean for [customer/sector]?”

🧁 Case studies: “How ABC Company achieved [benefit] with [product]”

🧁 Opinion: “Predictions for [time/sector]”

🧁 Presenting survey results: “[stat] of companies do/don’t do [something shocking!]”

🧁 FAQs: “What does the enablement process look like?”

🧁 Interviews with your team, customers, partners: “5 minutes with…”

🧁 Repurpose content: both promotional (like white papers and webinars) and internal documentation (like proposals and statement of works).

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