🧁Tweak your messaging based on the changing market conditions.

🧁Check your SEO is fully optimised – add some longtail keywords.

🧁Focus on a link building strategy.

Email marketing

🧁Re-engagement campaign for past clients/prospects.

🧁Nurture new connections with additional tips and ideas.

🧁Create dedicated campaign landing pages.


🧁Create help centre content for users.

🧁Write an actual FAQ section.

🧁Publish tactical blogs written for specific keywords to boost your SEO.

Thought leadership

🧁Interview the team, customers, partners…etc.

🧁Gate white papers for better lead qualification.

🧁Use case studies to showcase what your clients are doing.

Social media

🧁Research and participate in Twitter chats.

🧁Publish LinkedIn articles from your subject matter experts.

🧁Take another look at Facebook groups (really!) – they’re becoming what LinkedIn groups used to be.

Virtual events

🧁Re-spin a white paper and present it as a webinar.

🧁Invite some clients/prospects to a roundtable and write up the discussion points into a guide.

🧁Host an open ‘coffee & chat’ session to share your skills, knowledge and experience.


🧁Pitch exclusive editorial to your key publications.

🧁Subscribe to a service for journalist queries.

🧁Search for #JournoRequests on social media.


🧁Create a campaign in collaboration with a partner.

🧁Ask clients for introductions.

🧁If billable work is quiet, do some pro bono work to ‘pay it forward’.

Brand awareness

🧁Pitch to podcast hosts.

🧁Enter some awards.

🧁Sign up for sponsorship.

Try something new…

🧁Try your hand at pay-per-click – either through AdWords or social platforms.

🧁Advertise in print.

🧁Send that quirky direct mail – some people are still in the office!

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