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5 ways content aligns sales and marketing functions

Marketing is responsible for building the pipeline, which sales then convert and close. And yet so often sales is out on its own trying to win the big deals, leaving marketing to sit indulging in ‘fluffy’ things.

When sales and marketing aren’t in alignment, it puts the business at a serious disadvantage:

  • The sales team lacks the pipeline it desperately needs to go after.
  • The business lacks the feedback mechanism to know what the market is after and therefore how to position your product/service.
  • And considering that just 1 in 10 companies is prepared to sit face-to-face with a member of your sales team, you need another way to talk to your audience.
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When it comes to content, what’s the difference between ‘solutions’ and ‘requirements’?

Absolutely nothing – they’re both completely meaningless words and yet I see countless IT and tech companies, intent on stuffing them into their copy at every opportune moment.

I remember being at university, sat in the dimly lit lecture theatre as my tutor delivered a class on strategic marketing management. He shared this little nugget with us:

“You should use the word ‘solution’ whenever you can because it can mean anything.”

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5 pitfalls IT and tech companies need to avoid with their thought leadership content

Having carved a career in the world of B2B marketing for the IT and tech sector, I’ve read more than my fair share of thought leadership content.

When it’s good, it’s REALLY good – full of wonderful words that make you stop and think, perhaps question what you thought to be true, and help you to understand how to move past a particular issue with simple actions.

But when it’s bad…

Urgh, it’s dry, dull, boring, tedious…

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What makes a good subject matter expert?

When I started my career, I’d never heard the term ‘subject matter expert’ before. I guess it’s one of those lovely business jargon phrases that means everything and nothing.

And then working for a marketing communications agency I was suddenly exposed to plethora of specialists who had crazy in-depth knowledge in a particular area…

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