Full disclosure: ‘blog article writer’ is a keyword I track as part of my SEO strategy. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed the type of content served in the results has changed. Long gone is the interesting, valuable, useful content from professional copywriters, replaced in favour of sales pitches for AI article generators.

It’s sad because AI does have a place in content generation. You can read all about it here…

But right now, AI’s place is far from writing blog articles because:

🧁AI is a people pleaser. It’s going to tell you what you want to hear – which isn’t necessarily correct or accurate.

🧁AI is a plagiariser. If I ask an AI tool to write me an article about cloud computing trends and you do the same – and we get Anna down the street to do it too – we’ll all end up with remarkably similar articles. In fact, I’ve run tests where I’ve had identical outputs. How is that ever going to help distinguish you from the competition.

🧁AI doesn’t know you. The biggest reason your clients buy from you is YOU. If you want to get you into your copy, then you need to write your copy – or you need to get a professional ghostwriter involved who knows how to adopt your tone of voice. AI can’t do this (yet!), which is why the content it generates is cringe-worthy with all its business jargon.

What value does a human blog article writer add that AI can’t?

It sounds cheesy but a human blog article writer cares.

We care about your audience.

We care about you.

And we care about the things that matter to you.

That means we’re going to think about the message more and how to frame it in a way that speaks to your audience, while pushing your objective.

It also means we’re going to think about what else you could do to better engage your audience – for example a related ‘deep dive’ piece on something you’ve mentioned in that blog, a PDF of potential use cases to forward on, or a breakfast briefing to invite their input.

And it means we think more about the words. Rather than cringy corporate jargon, we use natural language that speaks to your audience. We replace vague terms, like ‘some organisations’ with specific research-led copy, like ‘37% of SMBs’. We use stories and anecdotes to make the blog personal to you. And we avoid fluff like the plague! No more ‘ABC technology increases efficiency’. Instead, we make it concrete: ‘ABC technology has [FEATURE], which delivers [BENEFIT], which means [VALUE]’.

Are you on the hunt for a human blog article writer?

Look no further! One of my very first writing assignments back in 2006 was a blog. Since then, I’ve practiced, trained, and honed the craft of blog writing so you always get compelling content that converts you audience.

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