Content strategy consultancy

When you suddenly decide to create a white paper on X, an article on Y, or a podcast about Z, you risk creating content for content’s sake – which is unlikely to yield the results you seek.

A smarter approach is to start with a Content Marketing Strategy that considers:

🧁Marketing objectives

🧁Target audience


🧁Key performance indicators (KPIs)

🧁Channel audit

🧁Content audit

🧁Customer journey

🧁Brand considerations


🧁Approval process

It’s only when you understand the ‘big picture’ that you can know what content assets to create – and more importantly, how they fit together to drive towards your ultimate aim of generating leads and nurturing them to client status.

The Content Marketing Strategy template is purposefully simple because weighty documents are only ever filed to a storage repository. This is a document that you will refer to often – and also share with external agencies/contractors/freelancers, so they can understand what you’re doing and why.

(this link redirects you to my KoFi shop where the template is available to purchase for £25)

content marketing strategy

Bolt on a sanity check of your Content Marketing Strategy

For an additional £400, I will check through your Content Marketing Strategy, make suggestions/recommendations, and share practical advice you can use when it comes to writing your content assets.

To book your sanity check, please email: