Copywriting technique

‘Copy Cats’ distils a library’s worth of books and years’ worth of training into a gorgeous coffee table book. Contained within its pages are 101 copywriting tips, tricks and techniques, which I’ve tested within my own business to check they work!


Rather than give you another business book to read, I’ve written mine using the humble post-it note.

1_copwriting tips

Each page features a hand-crafted post-it note with advice that you can take back to your desk and use in your content today – consider it your crash course in structure, persuasion and behavioural science!

2_copwriting tips

(link redirects you to my KoFi shop where you can purchase Copy Cats for £25)

Behind the scenes…

book creation_planning book creation_scribbling down my ideas book creation_drafting v1 book creation_creating a prototype book creation_hand-made book creation_hand-typed book creation_101 post-it notes book creation_photography book creation_rejects