Over the last 20(ish) years I’ve written content for 180+ organisations, ranging from the startups along the M4 corridor through to the tech giants of Silicon Valley. An important lesson I’ve learned is when it pays to outsource to a professional content article writer

Outsource to a content article writer when you need a specialist

Even professional copywriters don’t pretend to know all things about all content. If you know you need an important article writing, entrust it to a professional who knows how to structure the piece well, employs specialist copywriting techniques, and evokes the right emotion to engage and convert your audience.

Outsource to a content article writer when you’re not sure what you want

Sometimes you know the outcome you want to achieve – for example, to promote a new product/service, to rank for a certain set of keywords, to drive traffic towards your new white paper, to share the insights of your latest breakfast briefing…etc.


You’re not sure the best way to achieve that outcome. There are several types of content writing, for example:

  • Blogs
  • Thought leadership articles
  • SEO pillar pages
  • Actual FAQs
  • Promotional posts
  • News updates
  • Customer stories

A professional content article writer will advise you on the best type of content to achieve your outcome.

Outsource to a content article writer when you have no time

Some of the time my clients are proficient writers, but they have other priorities requiring their attention. If they didn’t outsource their article to me, it would fall down their ‘to-do’ list – and by the time they got round to it, the moment would have passed, and they would have missed an opportunity. In these situations, outsourcing is the smart option, because your article becomes my priority!

Outsource to a content article writer when you want to repurpose content

One of the most valuable skills a content article writer possesses is the ability to re-spin content into other formats. It is particularly useful when you have a larger asset – like a white paper or event – and you need to create supporting content to drive traffic to your asset or registration page. A content article writer knows how to extract the key insights and turn it into something new. This isn’t necessarily about condensing the content down – more elaborating on certain areas to expand the ‘story’.

How to create high-quality content

As a professional content article writer, I have baked several elements into my process to ensure you always receive high-quality content:

🧁SEO research: if this isn’t provided, I will do some quick research to ensure I include the best keywords to get your article found online.

🧁Skeleton: to outline the key messages and check you’re happy, so there are no surprises in v1 – I’ll even include an explainer video to talk you through my choices.

🧁Additional insights: even if I’m writing on a topic I’m familiar with, I’ll research to uncover some great stats and facts to support your ideas.

🧁Headline analyser tools: once I’ve got 3 good options down, I’ll use a dedicated tool to help me tweak and refine the best option, because if it fails to engage the audience, they won’t click and read.

🧁Existing content: this could be to repurpose your existing content, pull insights from case studies, or for internal linking – no piece of content should exist in isolation!

🧁Design: sometimes my clients ask for guidance on accompanying imagery and/or layout. I’m no expert, but I’ll share what’s pictured in my mind.

Why hire me as your content article writer?

I’ve been doing this a long time (nearly 20 years!) and I’ve experimented A LOT, so know what does/doesn’t work when it comes to content conversion.

I also offer a range of article and blog writing services depending on what you need your content to do – I know it’s cliché, but there really is no ‘one size fits all’!

And I’m a domain specialist. I’ve written promotional content for 180+ companies because I’m great at translating tech for non- tech executive audiences.

Send me an email at hello@alicehollis.co.uk and let’s talk about what your articles can do for your content strategy.