Articles are one of the most versatile forms of content because they can be written across different subjects, in different styles, and to fulfil different purposes. According to research from Semrush, the top 3 goals for content marketing are to increase web traffic, boost brand awareness, and generate leads. As well as being the most versatile form of content, articles are also the most valuable because they can help you achieve all 3 goals with ease.

In this article I will explore the value that article copywriting will add to your content marketing strategy, and how you can use it to best effect.

What is an article copywriter?

An article copywriter is an experienced professional who can transform your ideas and insights into compelling copy, which is backed by credible research to position you as an authority figure. An article copywriter knows how to structure the narrative to draw the reader in and keep them engaged from start to finish, before ultimately converting them through a call-to-action (CTA).

To do this, an article copywriter will use different content marketing models and copywriting techniques, including:


🧁Tone of voice



🧁Behavioural science

🧁Strong headlines

🧁Search engine optimisation (SEO)


What is the difference between copywriting and article writing?

True copywriting is used in the creation of advertising – most commonly you’ll see it used as a creative concept with a tagline/strapline. However, most marketers use the word ‘copywriting’ synonymously with ‘content writing’, which encompasses all other forms of promotional marketing.

Article writing is different to generic copywriting because it describes a specific type of content, rather than wider promotional communications.

Article writing tends to range from 750-1,500 words and is typically by-lined to an author, like a senior leader or subject matter expert. An article should focus on one issue/theme. It starts by setting the wider context before elaborating on the business impact a specific challenge causes. This is followed by exploring the ‘solution’ that helps an organisation to overcome their pain, before finishing with a CTA.

What are the best copywriting topics to focus on?

The best copywriting topics to focus your articles on are those your audience cares about. A common mistake organisations make is to write about anything and everything they can. A better strategy is to consider what’s causing your customers the most pain RIGHT NOW and write articles that help them understand and address those issues.

Need some ideas? Download the B2B blogging cheat sheet…

Articles work best when they share educational content. Rather than overtly promote a product/service, they explore wider market trends or specific challenges and how a domain or product category (for example, cybersecurity, cloud computing, or data analytics) can be leveraged to best effect.

Within the article, there’s scope to share ideas, opinions, and experiences to demonstrate the value your organisations delivers. As well as link to credible research to cement your position as a leader (and build the all-important links that support your SEO strategy!).

When used within a broader content marketing campaign, the best copywriting topics to focus on support your larger assets, like white papers, reports or guides, and events. Here, your articles should be used to elaborate further on the key themes – or share different viewpoints, for example, from a financial, technical, and end user perspective.

What are the best copywriting examples?

Article copywriting can be used to fulfil multiple objectives:

🧁Tactical SEO: if you want your organisation to be found online for specific keywords, writing articles or blogs around those search terms will help to improve your ranking.

🧁Thought leadership content: great for positioning your brand as an authority figure because you can comment on current events and trends to provide guidance to your audience.

🧁LinkedIn articles: leverage the networks of your senior leaders/subject matter experts by publishing thought leadership content to their profiles.

🧁Editorial: to position your organisation as an authority figure, offer up your spokespeople to the media and publish content in key publications your audience reads.

Of course, a lot of the above is dependant on the skills, knowledge, and experience of your senior leaders, who are notoriously busy. This is where executive ghostwriting can help. An executive ghostwriter knows how to get into the mind of your leaders, extract their insights and distil it into compelling content. It reads as if your senior leader has written it but requires little effort on their part – just a simple review to check they’re happy to put their name to your ghostwriter’s words.

Copywriting article examples

Executive ghostwritingTactical SEO
Helping SureCloud to showcase its thought leadership and drive pipelineProviding Process Bliss with tactical copy to boost its users
Thought leadershipEditorial
Helping Atech Support's growth ambitions with bloggingWorking as part of Manor Marketing's team to support its client with smart content

Can AI write articles for free?

Technically yes. But here’s the thing…

AI tools, like ChatGPT, are only as good as the data they’re programmed with, so cannot include the insights from your organisation – which is the #1 reason your audience wants to hear from you.

Furthermore, because AI tools ‘write’ content based on prompts and what they can scrape from the internet, you risk duplicate content – not similar content, but a carbon copy of the article the AI tool has produced for someone else.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to integrate AI tools into your content marketing, take a look at this white paper from the Wonderful World of Words…

Are you looking for an article copywriter?

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