Messaging and content marketing

How often do you see feature-laden copy that talks about 10x efficiency, intuitive interfaces, or an ‘award-winning’ product?

Many organisations in our sector suffer ‘the curse of knowledge’, where you’re so close to the technology you fail to see the audience doesn’t know (or is interested in) what you do. It’s why so many companies fall into the trap of creating content that focuses on their product/service, rather than the customer and their pain points.

It sounds harsh, but your audience doesn’t care about you or your product/service – they only care about how it helps them to achieve a specific outcome. It’s why you need to elevate your messaging above the ‘solution’ to talk about the market context, problems/opportunities, and their business impact.

With the Content Marketing Message Map you will receive a comprehensive document – with supporting research – to help you to better engage your audience.

Content Marketing Message Map

The Content Marketing Message Map costs £1,600 and includes:

Briefing call

During this call, we will discuss:

🧁Your intentions for your content – for example, are you looking to push a specific product, target a specific sector, or engage a specific audience?

🧁The ‘golden circle’:

  • What: your products/services
  • How: credentials and competitive differentiators
  • Why: the reason you exist and why you’re passionate

🧁Your target audience, their pains, and the reason(s) they give for needing your help.

🧁Your wider marketing plans that your messaging will feed into.

🧁Anything you do/don’t like about your current content.

🧁Examples of other content you like, and the reason(s) why.

In addition, I will ask you to share any documentation you may have, which will help me to better understand your company, its products/services, customers, and overall ambition. The following are some examples that would be helpful (I’m more than happy to review and sign an NDA before you share anything):

🧁Branding guidelines

🧁Sales presentations

🧁Proposal templates

🧁Marketing communications strategy


In addition to the information you provide on our call, I will also perform my own external research. For example:

🧁What the analysts and media are saying in this space to establish context.

🧁The business impact caused by the target audience’s ‘pain’ to establish how big the problem is.

🧁The anticipated business impact of the proposed solution – ideally client case studies, if not, industry case studies or general statistics.

In addition, I will perform a content audit to identify the assets you already possess, map them to the sales funnel (top/middle/bottom of funnel), and share any recommendations on new content to create.

Story framework

With a clear understanding of your offering and how it fits within the current market context, I will start to craft your story narrative to engage your audience. This includes:

🧁Using the core structure that exists within all content (context-problem-opportunity-anticipated outcome-solution overview with evidence) to write 3 narratives that align to 3 customer pain points.

🧁Links to supporting research to add credibility.

Final report with explainer video

Your final document will cover all of the above, as well as include:

🧁A value proposition.

🧁Guidance on tone of voice and how it manifests itself with an emotion, including specific language to use and examples of how that emotion would come through in the final copy.

🧁A house writing style at-a-glance.

Finally, we can arrange a catch-up call to go through your feedback, which I can incorporate through amends.

“Alice. Alice. Alice. I am a little in love with you for this. It. Is. Awesome!”

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