Why do you need help?

🧁Do you lack certain skills internally, like copywriting?

🧁Do you need specific skills for a specific piece, like ghostwriting?

🧁Do you need to supplement your internal skills when demand is high, or to cover holiday or sickness?

Knowing what help you need and why is important to help find the right copywriter for you.

How to find the best professional copywriters

If you’re looking for a copywriter that specialises in IT & tech, the best place to start is the Wonderful World of Words. Full disclosure, it’s a non-profit initiative that I put together, but entry is by invitation only, and every wordsmith who is a member was chosen because they are AMAZING at what they do.

Outside of IT & tech, check out the ProCopywriter’s directory.

Alternatively, ask on LinkedIn. We’re a well-connected community so we’ll tag the right people for the job.

Or Google – if they’re a good copywriter and do what you need them to do, they’ll naturally rank high in the search results.

What to include in your enquiry

Every professional copywriter has a qualification process to identify whether a project is a good fit. While this is personal to each writer you want to ensure your enquiry covers off the important ‘BANT’ questions:

🧁Budget: what is it?

We’re not asking to exploit you, we’re asking because a £50 budget for an article comes with a very different expectation on quality and outcome to a £500 article (and a £50 budget is unlikely to afford you a professional copywriter).

Want to get a better idea of rates?

Take a look at the ProCopywriter’s Survey 2023

🧁Authority: will you be the main point of contact? Or are you making enquiries on behalf of your boss?

This helps us to understand who is involved in your buying process and whether we may need to help you pitch and sell your ideas internally.

🧁Need: what do you need help with?

If you can’t be specific, for example, a case study, state the outcome you seek to achieve, for example, to promote a new product or target a new sector.

Also, include details about the project, for example, your target audience, their pains and market context, if there are partners to include, or links to relevant information.

🧁Time: are you working to a hard deadline? Or do you have an idea of when you want to publish your content?

This is good from a practical point of view, because if you need something for Friday and we’re fully booked for the next 3 weeks, we can recommend an alternative copywriter who can help.

How to evaluate whether a copywriter is the right fit for your business

A lot of the time it’s not a scientific methodology, it’s gut instinct – i.e. the voice of experience.


These are some good questions to ask your copywriter:

🧁What is your working process? And what involvement do they expect from you?

🧁Do they have a portfolio? Or examples of similar work they can share?

🧁Do they charge hourly, per project, or on retainer?

🧁What is included in the cost? For example, are briefings, catch-up calls, and amends charged in addition?

🧁If it’s important to you, are they happy to work from your offices?

🧁How confident are they to lead briefing interviews with senior leaders?

🧁What happens if the work delivered isn’t as expected? What do they do to mitigate that risk?

Also, look on their website and social profiles (or just Google them!) and take a look at their:

🧁Case studies


🧁Work examples (my portfolio is available on request)

A copywriter who has your best interests will…

🧁Say when they’re not the right fit for the job.

🧁Make introductions to the right person.

🧁Challenge you if they believe there is a better way to achieve the outcome you seek.

🧁Be open to adapt to your way of working (even if that means using Google Docs!).

What if your copywriter isn’t the right fit

Just say.

We appreciate the honesty rather than the alternative – to be ghosted. And a professional copywriter understands they’re not always going to be the right fit, which is why they will happily make introductions to the right person.

Still have a question?

I’ve been a professional copywriter since 2014, and before that I spent nearly a decade working as a B2B tech marketer. If you need help with your content, I’m always happy to have a conversation because if I’m not the right fit, I’ll put you in touch with the perfect copywriter for your project.

I’m genuinely an open book so you are more than welcome to ask me anything. All you need to do is…

Say hello!