Imagine this…

You’re looking for software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help boost your team’s productivity. So you do a Google search to see what options come out on top…

Then you look for some customer reviews…

You might even ask someone you know for a recommendation.

You’ve narrowed it down to two, possibly three models. So you visit the first website to find out more…

Immediately you’re hit with a Live Chat pop-up screaming:

“Hello! Can I help? Please let me show you this amazing article we just wrote…”

You click the ‘X’.

Then a little boxout pops up:

“Download our free guide about turning lazy employees into productivity champions”

You click the ‘X’.

20 seconds has passed since you got on the website. A message pops up:

“Before you go, can we ask what brought you here today?”

ARGHH! Just get out of my face!!

So you quickly open a new tab and hunt out contender number 2.

This time you hit the homepage. It’s friendly. Simple. It clearly wants you to click to find out more about the range, so you indulge.

Ooh, a nicely laid out page, lots of lovely pictures. You find the model you want and click…

You hit a dedicated page with a quick intro, a few bulleted features and a massive call-to-action:

ARGHH! Scary!!

I’ve been on this site for 20 seconds, and you want me to commit to talking to someone?

20 seconds in and you want me to agree to put myself in a situation where you’re going to sell to me?

20 seconds into this relationship and you want me to make a decision that big?

Never. Going. To. Happen.

Whatever happened to ‘wooing’ the client? If you want me to take action, you need to create that DESIRE first – right now, I’m only INTERESTED.

It’s a mistake I see made by many companies. They know they have an incredible product, and if they can just get it in front of the prospect, they know it’ll ‘sell itself’ and they’ll be able to seal the deal.

But asking someone to ‘Book a demo’ is a huge commitment – even bigger if they’re not at that stage in the buying cycle yet. So think about asking them to take a smaller step…

  • Watch a demo video.
  • See why Gartner says we’re a leader.
  • Read what our customers’ say.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Read this blog about boosting productvity in 3 easy steps.

By using softer, baby steps, you’re encouraging the prospect to enter your world and find out everything they need in order to make that big decision. Only when they’ve taken enough baby steps, will they hit that button:

So if you want to increase the number of demos booked, go back to basics. Take a fresh look at your website, and the overall user journey through a new prospect’s eyes. And keep asking yourself:

“Do I have enough quality information to feel safe/comfortable about taking the next step?”

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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