The main value in your company comes from the skills, knowledge and experience of your senior leaders and subject matter experts.

The problem…

These are also your busiest people. To attract new clients, you need their expertise because it creates high-quality content your audience will find interesting/useful. But your experts are so busy running the business and helping customers, your blog post is pushed lower and lower and lower down their ‘to-do’ list.

So what do you do?

Hire a ghost copywriter!

A ghost copywriter is a chameleon when it comes to content. Not only do they have great copywriting skills, they also possess the ability to adopt any person’s (or company’s) tone of voice. It means you end up with great quality content – but the audience can’t tell you didn’t write it.

How do you work with a ghost copywriter?

It all starts with a briefing. Your senior leaders and subject matter experts may not be able to afford you a day to write a blog, but they can find 30-minutes for an interview.

In this time, your ghost copywriter will ask your senior leaders/subject matter experts lots of questions and essentially allow them to ramble about what they know – I like to think of it like cracking open their heads to scoop out all the juicy insights that no one ever gets to see!

A professional ghost copywriter will know how to ask the right questions that extract more information than they need for this immediate piece. Time is precious. If you’ve secured time with a senior leader or subject matter expert make the most of it and get all you can – it sets you up perfectly for future content.

During the interview process, your ghost copywriter will note down the words they say, but also how they say it – capturing that all-important tone of voice.

Once that 30-minute interview is done, it’s time to turn those ramblings into compelling content that converts your audience.

Ghost copywriter’s working process

Once the briefing is over, I let the moment percolate in my mind and note down the key messages or themes that stuck – these usually end up forming the essence of the piece because they make a lasting impression.

I’ll then work methodically through the 20-pages of notes I scribbled during the interview and start to group them into common themes. There will be an overarching story that links all the themes together, but you’ll need to take a step back before it starts to emerge.

Next, it’s time to research. I need to give weight to the ideas and opinions shared to prove to your audience that this person is a true subject matter expert. Research comes from many places:

  • Analyst studies and commentary
  • Professional bodies/associations
  • Statistically valid industry surveys
  • Your own client case studies

With the overarching story, supporting themes, and additional research, I can begin to map out the skeleton. It helps to use the core framework that sits within all copy.

diagram 2_your content fails to convert because you failed to meet your target audience where they’re at

I’ll copy and paste all my notes into the relevant sections, delete anything that doesn’t support the overarching theme (but making a note of this ready to use it in future content!), and then start to edit and refine what’s left.

I’ll ask you to approve the skeleton to check you’re happy before I progress to v1. At this point you might find you have a sudden flash of inspiration – perhaps there’s an upcoming event we can link to, a related white paper we can pull additional insights from, or a message you’d like to include as it’s a core focus for the next quarter. Whatever it is, now is the time to add it!

Finally, it’s time to draft v1, incorporate feedback from your senior leader/subject matter expert, and publish.

Can the audience really not tell the content is written by a ghost copywriter?

Ghost-written content contains the insights from your senior leader or subject matter experts, written in their personal language – it’s just they didn’t put pen to paper to write it. Ultimately, they review and approve the copy before it’s published to say they’re happy to put their name to it.

You get the expertise you need. The audience gets the interesting/useful content they want. And your senior leader/subject matter experts are happy at how simple and painless the whole process is.

I am always amazed at how she can take my ramblings and make them into coherent pieces. Alice is personable, professional and above all really easy to work with.”


When writing on behalf of members of our team, Alice has been able to perfectly capture their individual tone of voice, while reflecting our company’s overall brand messaging and positioning.”

Marketing Campaign Manager

Securing time with our subject matter experts is always a challenge as they’re busy taking care of our clients and driving our business forward. Using Alice to ghost write the risk management series was incredibly effective.”


Want to hire a ghost copywriter for your business?

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We can always start with one blog to prove it’s an amazing tactic. Before you know it, your blogs will be by lined to multiple experts across the business, giving your audience greater value than they ever thought possible!