It started like every good #ContentClubUK should – with a cup of tea and a fig roll…

Only this time, I was the host!

Content Club UK has quickly become my highlight of the week; for 30 minutes our content community comes together to share their advice and experience, learning from each other and helping each other to become the best we can possibly be.

Anyone who says social media is a bad thing, full of negative trolls and insincerity should join us for a session – every Tuesday at 11am – our community will show you how powerful social media really is.

Now, I’d been warned by previous hosts that things get scary. Dave Smyth (@_worknotes) advised me to schedule my questions (thank goodness I listened to him!). While Gareth Hancock (@thatcontentshed) told me to block out the rest of my day. I didn’t, the eruption of notifications meant I spent the next 6.5 hours working my way through the amazing conversations, and ended up pulling and all-nighter to finish my work.

A growing community

I first started getting involved with Content Club UK back in January. And watching it grow week-on-week has been incredible. There’s a core group who are there pretty much every week, and then a drip feed of new faces who join and get swept up into our wonderful world of content.

…and then there are the ‘lurkers’. The people who come and follow, but for whatever reason, never get involved. These people became my focus…

I wanted them to see that being a community only works when we all contribute. And #ContentClubUK is a genuinely inclusive community – creatives across all disciplines working freelance, in-house and agency-side. We all have something to offer, and I wanted them to feel safe to finally say ‘hello’.

And they did!

But better than that…

The whole community got involved, tagging in their friends and inviting them to come along. It was wonderful. Leading up to the big day, there was such an incredible buzz, and the chat became explosive with new ideas, help offered and some exciting initiatives started…

Q1: Community is about getting the support you need…

The #ContentClubUK community is great for sharing practical advice; whatever you need help with, someone is always there and willing to offer support. So we started with this question:

When you’re creating content, what’s the thing your struggle with most? And how could this community help you?

The answers were great. Ranging from technique to mental health and self-confidence, the requests were thick and far ranging. And the wonderful thing is we’ve all experienced it, and some people are in the same boat right now. By helping and supporting each other, we figure out how to move forward and be the best we can be.

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View the map of procrastination

(oh yes, while I’m yet to use my first GIF, they are plentiful during #ContentClubUK!)

Q2: Community is about celebrating the wins…

We’re all creatives at #ContentClubUK, so we all know the effort that goes into the work we produce. And how it feels like winning the lottery when you get some fabulous client feedback. But then there are the pieces that hold a special place in our heart because they made us push ourselves, we found it really interesting, or overcame a particular challenge. So, our second question asked:

Is there a piece of content you’ve created (for yourself or a client) that you’re really proud of? And why does it make you smile?

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Q3: Community is about giving back…

The thing I really enjoy about #ContentClubUK is that it isn’t specific to my creative discipline (copywriting). It means that while I get to learn a lot from my peers, I also learn a huge amount about the periphery areas that touch copy, such as SEO, design, illustration, podcasts, video. Our final question asked:

What can you share with us today that will help someone to become better at what they do? A top tip, book recommendation, offer of help, a template, training course…anything!

So how did we do?

Having people show up to attend my session was enough for me – and then seeing the hundreds of notifications felt like a huge win. Plus it was great to see some newbies find the confidence to say ‘hello’ and get involved – it will be wonderful to welcome them all again next week.

But then the big surprise came when I noticed some high-profile faces in our audience, who had all turned up to support, get involved and give back to the community. I counted six prestigious authors within the crowd…

Marcus Sheridan, “They Ask You Answer”

Glenn Fisher, “The Art of the Click”

Jo Duncan, Lean Content Marketing, Lean Marketing Strategy

Tom Albrighton, Copywriting Made Simple

Steve Morgan, Anti-Sell

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And creative guru, Dave Trott

And it probably comes as no surprise that the community was trending…again.

Please come and join us

#ContentClubUK takes place every Tuesday at 11am on Twitter. Simply grab a brew and a biscuit, follow the hashtag and get involved. As I’ve said before, we welcome people from any creative discipline, working freelance, in-house or agency-side.

This week (18 June) our chat is being hosted by the incredibly talented – and probably nicest human being I’ve ever met – Gareth Hancock (a.k.a @ThatContentShed). So please come and get involved!

Photo by Nicolas COMTE on Unsplash

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