Approaching your LinkedIn network with a sales mindset is a dangerous thing. Yes, we’re all at work, and yes, we need to sell in order to succeed, but no-one is going to appreciate you turning up and blasting sales messages at them.

Once upon a time, LinkedIn’s groups were amazing. I remember working as a consultant in a marketing communications agency and running a highly successful campaign thanks to the power of LinkedIn groups. But over time, the groups started filling up with people desperate to sell. And now they’re essentially sales people shouting at other sales people.

LinkedIn is like any other social media platform. It’s a place to network, which means…

Having a conversation

The best way to ‘sell’ on LinkedIn isn’t to rock up armed with an impressive sales pitch, it’s about getting involved with the community. Making the time to comment on other people’s content will gain you exposure to their connections. Over time, you’ll start to earn their trust and increase your followers.

Meeting new people

One of my pet peeves about LinkedIn is random people, who you’ve never met or spoken to before, just sending a connection request. It’s so lazy to not bother adding a note. I have nothing against new people saying hello and wanting to connect, but at least add a note!

There’s another great function on LinkedIn – the ‘follow’ button.

By following someone, you’ll see their content in your feed, and be able to comment and share it, but you’re not 1st degree connections. It’s a great way of building your presence within your industry and filling your news feed with interesting content.

Nurturing current connections

Your personal network has grown organically over several years, and during that time, everyone’s careers have evolved, changed and grown. Make the time to go back through those connections and see what people are up to now.

It’s always great to re-connect, so keep sending your network occasional messages to say ‘hello!’ and find out what they’re up to. You may find in the course of keeping in touch, regular opportunities come up to ‘sell’ your products/services, or find your name passed on to others with introductions made.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash