Then look no further! The below ‘cheat sheet’ is full of ideas to give you inspiration…

Controversial posts: perfect for establishing yourself as a thought leader.

e.g. X things the ‘experts’ don’t tell you about_____

Guides or ‘ultimate’ posts: perfect for establishing expertise in your topic.

e.g. The best practice guide to_____

Mistakes: perfect for getting your readers to sit up and take notice.

e.g. X reasons your_____will fail

Trends: perfect for establishing authority.

e.g. x predictions for_____

Curated content / roundup posts: perfect for raising awareness.

e.g. X top blog posts about_____

Case studies: perfect for creating desire for your call-to-action.

e.g. How_____helped Company ABC to_____

Useful tools: perfect for building trust.

e.g. X time saving services for_____

Questions: perfect for raising interest in the topic.

e.g. Is marketing (or a lack of it!) holding your business back?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash