Your messaging is the most important part of your content strategy, because it underpins every single word you write. Taking the time to carefully plan where you sit in the market, how you’re different and why people should take notice of you will create the long-term consistency that strengthens your brand value.

If you haven’t already created a messaging framework let’s book in a 2-hour deep dive session where I will ask you 16 questions to capture the essence of your brand and encapsulate who you really are.

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Ask Alice Anything_contentWhy do people insist on using the word ‘utilise’?The Pratfall Effect
Can you help us develop
tone-of-voice guidance
for our brand guidelines?
Why do people insist
on using the word ‘utilise’?
The pratfall effect

A little gift from me to you…

Creating your messaging framework is a really fun exercise and something that you can easily perform in-house with the right people. So if you’d rather enjoy the experience yourself, here’s my template to get you started…