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When it comes to content, what’s the difference between ‘solutions’ and ‘requirements’?

Absolutely nothing – they’re both completely meaningless words and yet I see countless IT and tech companies, intent on stuffing them into their copy at every opportune moment.

I remember being at university, sat in the dimly lit lecture theatre as my tutor delivered a class on strategic marketing management. He shared this little nugget with us:

“You should use the word ‘solution’ whenever you can because it can mean anything.”

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Why I’m tired of marketing fluff

Urgh. It’s exhausting. Day-in, day-out I spend hour-upon-hour reading marketing bluffery. And my reasons for reading it are probably different to yours. When you choose to read promotional content it’s probably because you’re looking to purchase. For me, it’s usually because I’m researching a topic for a client project, which means I’m reading what’s in the media, what the analysts are saying, what their competitors are saying… And because my reasons are different, it means I’m forced to read to the end, while you can stop any time you choose.

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Be smart with punctuation

True story…

I never enjoyed English at school. In fact, it was one of my least favourite subjects – right behind geography (which I was advised not to continue at GCSE-level) and history (which baffled me with its left wing / right wing, remember 101 different political leaders and their hugely complex manifestos).

And it didn’t help that my teacher was less than encouraging.

Sure, she adored my best friend, who was that annoyingly gifted child who ‘got’ everything and never had to try in order to achieve straight A* grades. But me – a straight B student, who literally put blood, sweat and tears into every single assignment and examination – she just wasn’t bothered.

And the nail in the coffin…

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More than words®: behind the brand

Towards the end of last year, I started to reflect on my business and question whether I was presenting it in the best way possible.

A few months earlier I’d encountered a couple of opportunities to team up with fellow copywriters and marketers and unite under a shared brand to effectively build an agency. For various reasons, the opportunities weren’t right, but it did leave me pondering what more Alice Hollis Ltd. could be.

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What’s your nightmare?

It was yet another wet, brisk morning. I was stood just inside the pencil crayon fence, hoping it would shelter me from the fine rain that was covering my glasses and blinding me. I was holding hands with Oscar, listening to him singing ‘The journey home from grandpa’s’ while Jacob was pleading with me to go to the Reading Café after school.

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