How does the phrase go…

‘proper planning prevents p*ss poor performance’

That’s right, it’s all about PLANNING. Content should never be produced for content’s sake – if you do that, it’s just noise and it’s never going to deliver any value to your business. But when it’s designed to fulfil a specific purpose, that’s when the magic happens!

Every piece of content is designed for a specific purpose. By creating a central ‘high-value’ piece – such as a white paper, case study or guide – you can then re-spin and repurpose it in different ways. For example, breaking it down into a series of related blogs and then creating a series of emails to send to your customers that drive traffic to those assets.

By re-spinning and repurposing content, you ensure the messaging and the positioning is consistent, which aligns your content, and ultimately strengthens your brand.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash