Taking part in a Twitter chat we were all sharing how we manage content for our own businesses…

“I write something and then schedule it on Buffer to be published across my social platforms.”

“I’ve committed to write weekly blogs through #Write52.”

“I write and post different content depending on the channel.”

…but all this assumes you have something to write about in the first place.

Not long after the chat had ended, I received a message from a fellow freelancer who was desperate to write but couldn’t think of something interesting to write about. This is what I said…

Blog content framework

Every writer has times where they want or need to create interesting, useful and compelling blog content, but for whatever reason your mind draws a blank – annoying!

When I worked in a PR and marketing communications agency, it was our job to come up with story ideas for our clients, which was really challenging if they had nothing new to say. So I created a list of story ideas to work through and help me think about whether I could find a new angle to take and inspire some creativity:

Controversial posts: perfect for establishing yourself as a thought leader. e.g. X things the ‘experts’ don’t tell you about_____

Guides or ‘ultimate’ posts: perfect for establishing expertise in your topic. e.g. The best practice guide to_____

Mistakes: perfect for getting your readers to sit up and take notice. e.g. X reasons your_____will fail

Trends: perfect for establishing authority. e.g. x predictions for_____

Curated content / roundup posts: perfect for raising awareness. e.g. X top blog posts about_____

Case studies: perfect for creating desire for your call-to-action. e.g. How_____helped Company ABC to_____

Useful tools: perfect for building trust. e.g. X time saving services for_____

Questions: perfect for raising interest in the topic. e.g. Is marketing (or a lack of it!) holding your business back?

I’ve since written this up into more of a ‘blogging cheat sheet’ – if you’d like me to send you a copy, let me know…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash