How long have you been blogging?

6 months? A year? 2 years? Longer?

Over time you might start to feel like the content you’re producing is getting a bit stale, or ‘same-y’ – particularly if it’s all written by the same person. But there are some techniques you can try to freshen your blog up…

Create an actual FAQ section

For my business this has been the most effective change I’ve made to the blog content that I produce.

Rather than try to second guess what my audience might be interested in, I went back through past emails and meeting notes to make a list of all the questions I’d actually been asked. Then I wrote content to answer these questions.

The result is a rich and valuable set of blogs that perform the best on my website. Visit my FAQ section…

Host some interviews

If you’re looking to show your personality, shine a spotlight on your people, or show you’re more than the products/services you provide, interviews are a great way to do this.

Think about interviewing:

  • Your employees
  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Members of your community

Everybody has valuable insights to share based on their experience, so ask the right questions and give your audience something that’s really valuable. Visit my interview section…

Invite guest bloggers

Is there someone in your sector that you’d like to align yourself to?

Or a client you’d like to convert into an advocate?

Or a contractor you use for their specialist skillset?

Commission them to write a piece for your blog and not only do you get valuable content and a fresh perspective on a particular topic, once published the author will proactively drive traffic to your website by promoting their blog out to their audience.

Publish in a new medium

We all process information differently and naturally have a preference for audio, visual or written communications. So why not think about offering your content in a different format?

For example, one blog could be presented as a written piece, another as a video, then perhaps a podcast or an infographic.

Recently, I’m seeing a trend emerging to deliver the same content in multiple formats to improve accessibility – definitely something to think about and test for your business.

Change the purpose

Why do you blog?

Where does it fit in your sales cycle?

A lot of the time we think of blogging as a tactic for lead generation, but it has many other uses.

For example, what about writing content for sales-qualified leads – those people who are so close to signing but are perhaps hesitating because they have question marks over what happens post-sale. Or clients that you want to convert into advocates – writing content that’s focused on helping end users understand how to get the most from your platform will really help here.

Have you got a copy of ‘The Little Book of…B2B Blogging’ yet?

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