As a specialist white paper copywriter I’ve accumulated 20(ish) years’ experience writing this form of content. The following list is only a bit of fun – and therefore not exhaustive. If you have a specific question about white papers, please email and I will be happy to answer it.

🧁Account-based marketing: if you’re looking to land some key accounts, think about repurposing your white paper into a personalise summary to share with them.

🧁Blogs: a great way to build a campaign around your white paper is to expand on the key points in dedicated, in-depth blogs.

🧁Call-to-action: when your audience has invested time to read your white paper, you can ask them for a bigger commitment in the CTA, like booking a demo or scheduling a call.

🧁Design: your white paper wants to look inviting to read. Where possible, think about how to turn copy into graphics that make the information easy to consume.

🧁Executive summary: as your opening section, you want to set out the context for your white paper, specifically why the topic is important – and why now – and what the paper will cover.

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🧁Gated content: if you intend to use your white paper as a lead generation magnet, definitely gate it to collect contact information. But if it’s part of an email nurture flow, a gate will annoy your audience – and is completely unnecessary because you can track that data in your email system.

🧁Headlines: make your headline so compelling that your audience feels like they have no option but to click and read more.

🧁Introduction: use your introduction to show your audience you empathise with their situation and understand the impact it’s having on their business.

🧁Journalistic approach: when reviewing your paper, check to ensure you’ve answered the key questions: who, what, when, where, why, how.

🧁Knowledge: specifically, that of your subject matter experts. Interview them to extract unique insights your audience will find immensely valuable.

🧁Landing page: every white paper needs a dedicated landing page to highlight why people should download it – and give you something to link any PPC campaigns to.

🧁Market research: while your white paper includes your company’s IP, think about how to use wider research about the market context to balance your content and show the scale of the problem.

🧁Narrative: without a clear flow you risk confusing or boring your reader. Be sure to pick a central theme and 3 supporting messages to keep your copy focused.

🧁Objective: before you put pen to paper, decide what you want your audience to do as a result of reading your white paper, because this is the CTA you need to build towards.

🧁Pitching: white papers are a demonstration of the value you deliver in action. So rather than a hard sell, use your words to sell yourself by sharing your skills, knowledge, and experience.

🧁Quantitative and qualitative: think about including both types of research in your white paper to add greater depth to your content.

🧁References: be sure to include a list of references, either in the footnotes or together at the end – cite statistics on their own and it pulls your credibility into question.

🧁Sections: I tend to include 6: executive summary to establish the context, business impact of the problem/opportunity, 3x sections that explore a specific theme in depth, conclusion with a CTA.

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🧁Whiteboard: as a white paper copywriter I always start with a sheet of A3 paper and different coloured pens, and start to map out how different ideas link together and support the overall theme.

🧁eXamples: where appropriate, think about how you can repurpose your case studies to demonstrate the true business impact of a problem, or the outcomes realised from taking advantage of an opportunity.

🧁Yearly content: if your aim is to be seen as a true thought leader, consider whether this white paper is one you can update with current trends and publish annually.

🧁Zero mistakes: you should aim to spend just as long editing your white paper as you do writing it. Download my editing checklist.

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