I’m the first person to admit that I am in no way technical, despite working in the IT industry since graduating in 2006. But I like to think that it works to my clients’ advantage because if I can understand what they do, then anyone can.

Whether it’s been working in-house, agency-side or freelance, I’ve now lost track of the number of companies that I’ve helped with their content requirements. From lead generation initiatives for the big vendors, strategic positioning for IT resellers and consultancies, or brand awareness for startups, I’ve learned how to take the technical language and industry jargon, and extract the right messages to transform it into compelling, simple copy that anyone can understand.

One aspect of my job that I find particularly rewarding is showing organisations how their internal content – all the stuff that’s produced as part of business-as-usual – can be respun and repurposed into promotional materials. There’s so much value locked in the proposals, project status reports and project completion reports, because they’ve been written by the subject matter experts, it’s such a shame to waste it.

Starting my career in the world of software, I then moved on to spend time working for a PR and marketing communications agency, where I managed and delivered campaigns for data centre technologies, such as UPS systems, back up power and HVAC. Before returning to an in-house role that was split between IT infrastructure and SaaS, where I also sat on the senior leadership team helping to set the company’s overall strategic direction.

Turning freelance in 2015 I chose to continue my specialism within the IT sector, gaining wide exposure to various technologies and innovations within cloud, storage, big data and analytics, SaaS, cyber security, business process, digital transformation and more. 

Most recently, I’ve dedicated a lot of my personal time to better understanding the link between sales and content marketing, and how the two go hand-in-hand to support the business in achieving its overall goals. I now choosing to focus my efforts on ‘top of the funnel’ content, such as blogs, articles, case studies, guides and white papers, employing powerful tactics, such as storytelling technique and behavioural psychology, to ensure the content I deliver really resonates with the audience.