#Write52 is a wonderful initiative created by the very talented copywriter, Ed Callow.

I originally met Ed through the weekly #ContentClubUK Twitter chat. And he quickly caught my eye, since he lives in my home town of Hitchin.

His idea for #Write52 stemmed from a desire to indulge in some guilt-free ‘me’ time; where every week, he could sit down and write something for his business that he was genuinely passionate about. After sharing his idea on Twitter, it’s quickly taken off as a content phenomenon – it would seem many of us also want to ensure we’re producing regular content by making our businesses a priority.

Initially, I was happy to observe all the wonderful #Write52 crew from afar, indulging in their creative muses when Ed’s newsletter hits my inbox first thing on a Sunday morning.

But then something changed…

Having recently read “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan, I was keen to put this cute content strategy into action. The premise of the book is essentially to answer any and all questions your customers/prospects ask – regardless of how painful they may feel. Nothing is off-limits, and you have to answer them as openly and honestly as possible, without trying to shoe-horn your product/service in at every opportunity – because that’s how you start to build trust.

Re-building my website, I decided to create a new section entitled “Ask Alice Anything”. Running back through my inbox and direct messages I pulled a list together of the questions I had been asked in the past. Largely these fell into three categories:

  • Content
  • Freelancing
  • Working together

So I started writing honest responses to them and posted them on my website.

I was amazed at how quickly the strategy delivered a return; within a week of launching my site, I’d had three good-quality enquiries.

But now the challenge is to keep it up…

Delivering client work, running a business, being a mummy of two pre-school children, a wife to my amazing husband, and taking care of our home is incredibly time-consuming. But I have to make time to work on my business and generate content that is genuinely going to help people.

Signing up to be a part of #Write52 makes me accountable. And while the content I’m producing might not be as creative as what others have pledged, already it’s shown to be of value so I must keep it up.

…and Ed has my permission to beat me with a stick if I fail to post one week!

From now on, Wednesday is #Write52 day, where I will be posting the answer to one of your questions. So if you’ve got a burning question, feel free to:

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash