I love blogging, I really do. So broad in its scope, you can literally write about anything and everything without feeling constrained. If you want to share research, that’s fine. If you want to write something about your company, that’s fine. If you feel passionately and want to write a big sweary rant about something, that’s also fine (although be aware that you might offend some sensitive souls!).


Blogging requires dedication and commitment, otherwise it will do you more harm than good.

I performed some research into B2B blogs to see how often people were publishing content. I was shocked by the results:

  • A quarter of companies haven’t updated their blog this year, and
  • Two-thirds are posting without a strategy.

Fail to commit to your blog, and it reflects badly on your business; your customers could start to question whether you care anymore? Whether you’re too busy to take on more work? Or maybe, that you’re no longer in business.

6 steps to B2B blogging

Before you commit to starting a B2B blog, think about the following 6 steps and how they fold into your plan…

  1. Define its purpose
  2. Decide what to write about
  3. Create a content calendar
  4. Get started
  5. Decide on the best format
  6. Post!

Read more about each of these steps in “Best practice: B2B blogging”…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash